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extremely large treelike cactus of desert regions of southwestern United States having a thick columnar sparsely branched trunk bearing white flowers and edible red pulpy fruit

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There were stockyards that could be smelled miles away if one were downwind, and saguaro cacti with their arms beckoning one farther west.
Laguna San Ignacio, part of the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, is a naturalist's paradise, with its huge saguaro cacti, rich fisheries, and migratory ibises.
Later, saguaro cacti danced, their shifting arms and elongated bodies conveying an awkward, mesmerizing grace.
In Phoenix, a wireless provider has proposed hiding antennas in 33-foot fiberglass saguaro cacti along scenic desert highways.
As an example, one of the prize winners in the American Express Geography Competition was an in-depth project by four seventh graders to determine whether Arizona laws protecting saguaro cacti and ironwood were sufficiently strict.
In addition, colorful coral reef fishes, giant saguaro cacti, magnificent elephant herds, and many other plants and animals lure millions of tourist dollars to otherwise destitute regions.
Students will "harness the collective intelligence" of the Internet to compare students' live data on our wiki and consult with our expert partners to address the following issues: Are bats roosting under bridges in Tucson; Is the pollination of the endangered Saguaro cacti impacted by global warming; What are future scientists and conservationist doing to reverse the decline of our bat population; How can we increase the pollination of the endangered Saguaro; and, dispel myths about Sonoran bats.
Like long, dark fingers reaching out for the crescent Moon, the towering silhouettes of saguaro cacti at Arizona's Saguaro National Park near Tucson provide a dramatic foreground to this sunset scene last December 13th.
The 2002 National Register of Big Trees lists no fewer than six national co-champion saguaro cacti, but three guys in Arizona say they've found one that'll best 'em all.
The saguaro cacti in Arizona's Sonoran Desert can reach heights up to 12 meters (40 ft).
His words linger as we see a tiny bird nesting in a stately cactus stranded in a giant parking lot, then cut to bulldozers in the blazing desert sun clearing towering saguaro cacti and everything else in their path, to make way for what?
Except for the occasional cluster of thorny agave plants and the towering saguaro cacti that pierce the hillsides, the ocher landscape seems lifeless.
Wildfires threaten to eliminate saguaro cacti from Saguaro National Park and Joshua trees from Joshua Tree National Park