margin of safety

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the margin required in order to insure safety

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The PSAR should clearly indicate the methodology for demonstrating safety margins.
Points will be hard to come by, and there is every chance Sunderland's safety margin could be whittled down over the holidays by the clubs below them.
The greater stability profile of Zanthin astaxanthin will allow formulators of nutraceutical products to use smaller safety margins (overage) to assure consumers of efficacy in products on a store shelf, which can lead to cost savings, according to the company.
But it also states: "There still remains a statutory requirement to maintain safety margins.
Any wider road widths would have the effect of decreasing any safety margins that were found.
Reinforcement work appears already under way at some plants, but such efforts should be accelerated to recover the original safety margins that were reduced by the upward revisions in the quake-intensity assumptions.
Traditionally, a safety margin of at least 10 J between the maximum output of the pulse generator and the energy needed for defibrillation has been used because early studies indicate that lower safety margins were associated with high rates of failed defibrillation and sudden cardiac death.
CRS-100 is a proprietary attenuated strain of Listeria monocytogenes that has been designed by Cerus to increase safety margins while preserving its potential to trigger a powerful immune response.
The FAA has called for stricter and more uniform pilot calculations to ensure safety margins for landing aircraft on snow-covered or slippery runways, proposing a safety margin of at least 15%.
On one view they were at the limit of safety margins.
Environmental Protection Agency-established thresholds of methylmercury exposure that were set with extremely conservative safety margins.
Changes made to the aircraft to accommodate the 520-pound fuel cell, mounted at the centerline of the aircraft, and two 165-pound fuel tanks, mounted near each wingtip, reduce the aircraft's robustness and weakened its safety margins, the mishap report said.
MCRT 39000X transmitters offer high safety margins with 400% overload ratings.