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sexual activity (especially sexual intercourse) with the use of measures (such as latex condoms) to avoid the transmission of disease (especially AIDS)

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In 1998, Peggy Brick authored a new edition of Teaching Safer Sex. Responding to concerns raised by the Institute of Medicine (8) that HIV prevention was the only focus of safer-sex education, The New Teaching Safer Sex (9) reminded educators and young people not to forget about the many other bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses that cause even more cases of sexually transmitted infections each year.
Colin Dixon, director of national services at the trust, said: "We found that two out of three 18 to 24-year-olds think they are not given enough information about safer sex and one in three believes there is a cure for Aids.
Without recognizing these complicating factors in gay sexuality, public health officials' simple exhortations for safer sex will likely fail at a tremendous cost, both in human lives lost and in the public expense of caring for a new generation of HIV's victims.
The two tell you that they have consistently practiced safer sex during most of their relationship, but have "slipped" recently on several occasions.
The book's title might have been more precise had it been, "Persuading Sexually Promiscuous People to Have Safer Sex."
On the one hand, those who were not yet sick were encouraged to develop a safer sex strategy; they were advised to presume that their partners were potentially infectious and to limit their activities to those that posed a level of risk they were willing to accept.
But a vast number of adolescents aren't practicing safer sex. Teenagers have the fastest-increasing rate of H.I.V.
With respect to sexuality, it is important to educate people who are HIV-infected about safer sex, including abstinence and ways to negotiate safer sex, but first rehabilitation counselors need to learn what safer sex is and how to talk about sexuality with their clients.
The group also examined the possibility that women adopted safer sex practices once they learned of their HIV-2 infection; such precautions could account for the increased protection from HIV-1.
Despite such reductions in risk, relapse from safer sex to riskier practices has been documented among homosexual/bisexual men [5].
For me there was never a possibility of surviving unless safer sex worked--and it did.
STUDENTS were yesterday urged to practice safer sex.
Safer sex is important for protection against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and HIV/AIDS (Human Immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).
We further restricted it to the 14,284 of these men and women who were currently living in the United States or in Canada, to confine our exploration to individuals living in societies with similar cultural norms regarding sexuality, safer sex and pregnancy.
THERE was a serious storm in a teacup this week over a magazine mix-up that led to sexually explicit safer sex materials for gay men getting in to local unis.