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a thief who breaks open safes to steal valuable contents

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After World War II, MI6 researchers worked on silent weapons, knockout tablets, safe-cracking tools and exploding filing cabinets that could destroy secret documents at short notice.
Mr Ramensky joined the commandos, instructing them in the techniques of safe-cracking and later parachuting behind enemy lines to blow vaults containing important documents in German and Italian buildings.
Furthermore, Quigley urged that special care be exercised in the treatment of certain subjects, such as, "Theft, robbery, safe-cracking, and dynamiting of trains, mines, buildings, etc.
Charlie (Mark Wahlberg in the Michael Caine role) decides it's their duty to steal the gold back and enlists John's safe-cracking daughter Stella (Charlize Theron) to join his crew.
Looking on with dispassion and detachment, he is privy to all manner of ludicrous human occupations, from undertaking to movie-going to safe-cracking.
Most criminals lack safe-cracking skills, or the time and manpower needed for removing safes from homes.
Broderick, Affleck and Sidibe, sporting a credible Jamaican accent as the sassy housemaid with safe-cracking abilities, lend solid support, while Alda essays a fittingly loathsome villain with influential friends in the right places.
A former skiing champion from Montana, he later escaped his life of safe-cracking by pulling on a jumpsuit copied from entertainer Liberace and jumped 90ft on a bike across a pit filled with rattlesnakes.
Laughter with the safe-cracking Dingles; tears with Marlon and Tricia - what a top bitch Tricia's proved to be, by the way - and the return of kissing cousins Charity and Cain.
How boring the teachers compared to schools with headmasters who ran amok like werewolves at night or went out safe-cracking or who were robots like the Iron Teacher.
THE COLLECTOR Cert 18, 90mins Starring: Josh Stewart Blood-soaked horror about a professional thief whose latest safe-cracking job is interrupted by a masked maniac.
Pic's most consistently funny arc concerns vet burglar Patrice (Marc Messier), whose absurdly prescient approach to safe-cracking in the presence of incredulous young thief Chuck (Nicolas Canuel) barely masks his ulterior motive.