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a branch of the Tai languages

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Saek Siamese 'gold' yam(4) kham 'rice' yaW(6) khaaw
Proto-Tai *f-and *v-receive opposite treatments in Siamese and Saek; both dialects merge them, but the merger is in favor of v-in Saek, but f-in Siamese.
siamese saek pTai Prow-tone 'rain' fon vwn(2) *f Al (HIGH, i.
Slaimese Wuming Saek (OG) Sack (YG) 'drum' kloon klon tleen (1) tleen (1) 'salt' klia klu tlua (1) tlua (1)
The Saek lexicon shows abundant evidence of old contact vocabulary from Khmer and Indo-Aryan, undoubtedly filtered through the medium of Lao or Thai, e.
Siamese Saek 'bone' kradimk reek(6) 'garlic' krathiam thiam(4)