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a branch of the Tai languages

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The criteria for including Saek in the Northern Tai group are both phonological and lexical.
ATLC (242) quotes the Saek form, crediting Gedney with a p.
On the phonological level, Saek displays a number of special features in addition to its retention of final -1:
Saek Siamese 'gold' yam(4) kham 'rice' yaW(6) khaaw
Proto-Tai *f-and *v-receive opposite treatments in Siamese and Saek; both dialects merge them, but the merger is in favor of v-in Saek, but f-in Siamese.
siamese saek pTai Prow-tone 'rain' fon vwn(2) *f Al (HIGH, i.
Slaimese Wuming Saek (OG) Sack (YG) 'drum' kloon klon tleen (1) tleen (1) 'salt' klia klu tlua (1) tlua (1)
The Saek lexicon shows abundant evidence of old contact vocabulary from Khmer and Indo-Aryan, undoubtedly filtered through the medium of Lao or Thai, e.
Siamese Saek 'bone' kradimk reek(6) 'garlic' krathiam thiam(4)
There is even at least one example of a Saek word that seems to be derived from Chinese: Sack lit(6) 'power'; cf.
Yet, as Wilaiwan points out, certain new contrasts have entered the phonology of YG Saek speakers:
There is now a stable Saek phoneme /g/ (a sound that does not occur in Siamese), which has resulted from the merger of Prato-Tai *x-, *lc-, and *y-.
Saek, along with other professional groups -- the employers and industrialists federation (OEV), the association of private hospitals (Pasin), and the medical association (CyMA) -- proposed earlier in the week to the president a multi-payer system insurance for at least the first three years of Gesy.
Behind the long delays in implementing Gesy, Saek said, lay an unpleasant truth: the numbers do not add up.
The result is a bad scheme that further burdens the insured, sends workers to unemployment and undermines the prospects of the national economy," Saek said.