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sexual pleasure obtained by inflicting harm (physical or psychological) on others

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[USA], Dec 19 ( ANI ): Contrary to popular belief, aggressive behaviour brings emotional pain to sadists, a recent study has observed.
She also discovered that sadists like seeing an opponent suffer, especially when they choose not to fight back.
Andrew and Daniel Frankish are the sadist scumbags from Redcar, North Yorks, who filmed themselves performing hideous acts of cruelty on their terrified Bulldog puppy, Baby.
BRUTAL SADIST Evil Heinrich Mueller, who led Gestapo
He is a genius who creates identity crises and psychosexual sadists that are truly monsters.
And last month sicko sadists left him with a bolt sticking out either side of his chest.
I asked if it was the policy of Cardiff Bus to employ sadists.
But their dream trip turns into a nightmare when they discover that tourists are being used as torture toys for rich sadists in a nearby abattoir.
Auschwitz was not a paradise for sadists. Strict discipline was maintained; and issues of clothing were not covered with lice.
I keep hoping it will turn out to be some terrible accident which brought a few sadists together, but I fear it will be more widespread.
The fact that this has not even been considered is bound to suggest to many people that its adherents are actually bullies and sadists, who conceal their true motivation beneath mendacious arguments about the welfare of the countryside.
ROISIN'S VERDICT: I think that sadists like Barry Arnold are disgusting and should get much more than four years in prison.
A very few teachers were sadists who enjoyed caning; even fewer had such charisma that upon their entering a classroom, their very presence held the children immediately.
Hostage victim Claire Anderson today lifted the lid on her 12-hour torture ordeal at the hands of three sadists.