Sadi Carnot

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French physicist who founded thermodynamics (1796-1832)

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Sadi Carnot came to CNAM to study the machines that were on display.
The principle that Sadi Carnot saw in that parade of machines is that everything flows one way, from high to low.
This consultation concerns the creation of a bicycle network on rd 48 rue sadi carnot in ronchin.
Contract notice:assistance mission for the programming of the works of increase in surface of offices of the building sadi carnot
Contract notice: Assistance mission for the programming of the office space increase works of the sadi carnot building
Contract notice: works to renew the drinking water supply network rue sadi carnot in pont-audemer
Address : Service Des Marchs Publics, Place Sadi Carnot Bp 80160 83701 Saint-Raphal