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a chair seat that is slightly concave and sometimes has a thickened ridge in the center

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The Desert Storm is also equipped with all the technical features of the Classic Chrome like the wide mud guards, oval tool box, the signature Royal Enfield tiger lamps, single spring saddle seat and the unique tail lamp.
The Bambach saddle seats enable children with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy to sit independently in school lessons and breaks.
When you dismount during rain or snowfall, throw your stirrups over the saddle seat and tie them with the rear saddle tie strings.
The Trico Sports Split-Rail Saddle, a collaborative design with California-based Trico Sports, is the first anatomical saddle that is fully adjustable in the cushion width and frame firmness to custom fit the saddle seat to the rider.
Researchers at the university's School of Health Sciences found that sitting in a Bambach Saddle Seat improved posture, skill and accuracy.
The Bambach Saddle Seat was developed by Australian occupational therapist Mary Gale and is shaped like a horse's saddle and uses the biomechanics of the body to naturally position the spine while supporting the pelvis.
won the individual gold medal at the inaugural World Cup Saddle Seat Equitation Championships in Louisville, Ky.
Last year, Pennsylvania House introduced Grove's Mill Oak, a collection which included a fine replication of a New England comb-back Windsor armchair with every desirable feature including: scroll-ear top rail, fine knuckle arms, well-shaped saddle seat and well-defined turnings.
Highlight events include the $50,000 Budweiser Grand Prix (Sunday afternoon), the $25,000 Samsung Nations Cup competition for international teams (Friday evening), the $30,000 Hunter Classic (Saturday evening), and the two most coveted junior championships -- the ASPCA Maclay for Hunt Seat riders and the "Good Hands" for Saddle Seat riders (Sunday).
The Bambach Saddle Seat was the focus of the city study, which was published in this month's International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation.
Saddle seats, for example, feature pranks reversed end over end and then glued to form a solid panel; this panel is then shaped using a McKnight saddle scooper.
New features for 2003 include standard all-speed traction control, full leather saddle seats and new exterior colors: Mountain Shadow Grey and Desert Sky Blue.