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Sexual Violence and Sacred Texts" is a collection of six essays on different sacred texts from Christianity, Judaism and Islam that depict or sometimes incite sexual violence.
He said: "We are in a period of time where, for a whole series of different factors, people are seizing and distorting and very often using pieces of text, often sacred texts, massively abusing these in a way that it would be absurd if it did not have such a violent outcome.
Written by impressively credentialed scholars in Europe, North America, and Australia, the second volume of this major reference (five volumes are planned) offers lengthy entries on sacred texts and languages, ritual traditions, arts, and concepts in Hinduism, with each entry concluding with a selected bibliography.
Most contributors so far have focused on challenging patriarchal readings of the sacred texts and offering egalitarian interpretations that are in line with contemporary notions of justice.
Obama has apologized to Afghan President Hamid Karzai earlier for the incident, in which US troops at Baghram Air Force base torched the sacred texts used by detainees they claim were being used to communicate secret messages to one another.
David Johnston, visiting scholar in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Pennsylvania, casts a "common theology of humanity and creation" for Christianity and Islam, not only using the sacred texts of the two faiths, but also describing the economic, social, and political milieus that his theology seeks to address.
What follows is a selection of essays that explores the notion and significance of sacred texts in contemporary society and how texts not traditionally considered sacred help to develop and sustain a sense of the spiritual for both individuals and communities.
Unlike the sacred texts of Judaism and Christianity which are dynamic and open to the possibilities of interpretation (although the extent to which different groups accept interpretations varies) the Qur'an Islam's sacred text has long been regarded by Muslims and non-Muslims as one that is never open to such treatment.
We cannot treat sacred texts only as texts, then, but neither should we take their sacredness as impregnable.
Brodd takes pieces from the sacred texts of several major world religions to explain their nature and values, and how they came to be.
ENI -- A special Bible published in India that seeks to place the Christian Scriptures within a local context has drawn mixed reactions, with some critics objecting to quotations from the sacred texts of other faiths in commentaries included in the Holy Book.
Ridgeway must be congratulated for allowing witnesses to take oaths on other sacred texts besides the Bible.
Subtitled Discover what we share, the exhibition was, the press release assured us, a "groundbreaking event" as rare examples of Jewish, Christian and Muslim sacred texts were presented alongside each other.
The outfit will be displayed in the Sacred: Discover What We Share exhibition, featuring some of the world's most exquisite examples of Jewish, Christian and Muslim sacred texts.
A WEDDING outfit worn by Jemima Khan is to be displayed as part of a major exhibition of sacred texts, it was confirmed yesterday.