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Synonyms for worship

Synonyms for worship

the act of adoring, especially reverently

deep and ardent affection

to regard with great awe and devotion

to feel deep, devoted love for


Synonyms for worship

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On a personal note I also believe there is something to be said for humility and obedience to our sacred rites and what White Buffalo Calf Woman taught.
People could watch the sacred rites from these steps, but they could not get to the area near the opening.
837 Pearson-Radt ("Thrice-blessed among the mortals are those who having seen these sacred rites enter Hades: for them alone there is life, but for the others all is evil"); and Pindar, fr.
Figures from the 2012 Haj holiday, which finished earlier this week, suggest that almost four million Muslims visited Saudi Arabia to conduct the sacred rites, and the new construction will certainly go some way to relieving this.
In addition to understanding the organisation of a medieval estate and the responsibilities of a lord, the background includes a new religion gaining influence against the old order with its traditional sacred rites and the paranormal aspects of the two different werewolf types.
had their altars or Cromleche on which they perform'd the Solemnities of Sacrifice and their sacred Rites of Aruspicy and Divination Mona Antiqua 1723
He learned the ways of buzzards, crows, prairie dogs, and rattlesnakes, and the sacred rites of native shaman.
The section on sacred rites brings out several ways of looking at things from both the Christian and the traditional spiritual way of Indian people.
It stands as a bridge between his buildings and later treatises, in which ruins represent, tragically, the military deeds and sacred rites of ancient Rome and olive oil springs miraculously from many Christian martyr tombs.
According to the court, the chief's statement of protocols for the seven sacred rites was a statement of goals, and the failure to appoint a specific pipe keeper did not impose a substantial burden on the inmates' exercise of their religious freedoms.
We do not know if these murals represent early social interactions (the hunt, sacred rites, tribal ceremonies); hallucinogenic imagination inflamed by fumes in unventilated caves; unknown primitive rituals; or simply artistic compulsion.
This tyranny of numbers has also invaded the realm of sacred rites.
By 1956, the jo urnal's Catholic authorities once again addressed the question, stating finally that the Congregation of Sacred Rites permitted the double ring ceremony and that the blessing was to be said only once but in the plural.
Among the expedition's discoveries was a tree common to Plains Indian's sacred rites, a tree that supplied fuel along sparsely timbered rivers, shade in scorching summers, roosts for turkeys, critical nesting habitat for a variety of songbirds, emergency rations for horses in winter, and wood for drums and even canoes.
Traces of two large buildings dating from the middle of the second century found in Moriyama in Shiga Prefecture, western Japan, may have been part of an area used for sacred rites, local education officials said Thursday.