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wedge-shaped bone consisting of five fused vertebrae forming the posterior part of the pelvis

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Objectives: To determine the normal angular ranges of the lateral spinal alignments in the lumbar and sacral regions.
Body localization of pressure ulcers has the following features: the most frequent localization was the sacral region in 41 cases (74.5%).
Most of the cases revealed this abnormality in lumbosacral region with 22 (29.7%) in lumbar and 16 (21.6%) in sacral region. Thirty-six (48.6%) patients revealed syringomyelia (Fig 3).
Assessment of the skin using NOC indicators revealed that the sacral region showed alterations in temperature (warmer) (42.85%) and colour (erythemae) (26.53%).
Pneumocephalus as a complication of metastases and eroding infection in the sacral region. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry.
Its features a lightweight, durable Nylon/Polyurethane construction, nine laser-cut low air loss cells in the sacral region to keep patient cool and dry, and a 265-pound weight capacity.
In Hennig's case, pressure mapping revealed increased pressure over the sacral region, which coincided with the observed posture of sacral sitting and forward bending of the trunk.
It was a cystic swelling at sacral region gradually increasing in size.
Excessive ascent of kidney from sacral region to lumbar region is suggested.
These neuronal structures scatter to peripheral plexuses from the thoracolumbar region to the sacral region with a wide spinal cord transmission network.
In another report, (13) 53% of subjects suffering from cauda equina ependymomas presented either with pain alone in the lower back, legs or sacral region, or with pain and paresthesia.
After he sutured the detached sural nerve segment to the intercostal nerve to make it long enough to reach this sacral region, he connected the combined intercostalsural nerve to the sacral nerve roots.
In his systemic evaluation, there was decubitus ulceration, 3x3 cm in size, in the sacral region.
Herpes simplex virus 2 can also involve sacral region resulting in sacral myeloradiculitis with a fatal outcome in most of the patients.