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coarse jute fabric


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Taking place at the Granary restaurant in Stone, near Kidderminster, on March 31, the event features a three course lunch and outfits from Davenports No 2 of Harborne and Sack Cloth Designs of Stourbridge.
Branding his second half display in Portugal as "very disappointing", he donned the metaphorical sack cloth and ashes as he pondered aloud whether he had allowed his big chance to deputise for the stricken Craig Gordon slip through his fingers.
While Castilian damask and Italian taffeta dressed the well-to-do, slaves wore coarse canvas, and during the winter jergueta (sack cloth).
"These religious prayers witnessed attendance of 20,000 people walking more than two miles barefoot in sack cloth and ashes in silent protest at alleged government inaction to step up security in the region," he said.
Her jodhpur shorts were fashioned out of a sack cloth, and her dress was made out of a duvet.
Full of remorse, the king did his penance on the Pope's orders, walking in a sack cloth and ashes to the cathedral, where he was flogged by monks.
Peering through an arch of sandbags over the abandoned farmland, a shredded piece of sack cloth hanging in front provided the only cover for his firing position.
But he added: "It cannot be a 'sack cloth and ashes' pledge of office."
I have been disturbed ever since the primate did his sack cloth and ashes routine in 1993 by apologizing to our native brethren about the harm done during the existence of residential schools but seemingly never adding what were the positives.
Now that it's all guns blazing, I'm expecting them to adopt a sack cloth martyrdom as disingenuous as the performances of our precious war correspondents.
By the time we'd finished sewing and put our sack cloth on, we looked like a band of medieval lepers on an away day.
The only apprentices I could find were of work upholsterers who had never even worked with silver cloth, tailors whose last work was with sack cloth, or new apprentices who knew all about the theory of dressmaking but had never put needle to thread or hand to scissor.
Sack cloth and ashes or tar and feathers would suit this beast best.
No doubt the vocal minority who value animal life above human life will publicly rent their clothes, wear sack cloth and ashes and vilify those of us who have the courage and pragmatism to confirm the only sensible solution.
STRAIGHT after pancake day it is Lent which means no more sweet stuff people, get out the sack cloth and ashes.