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a rapid, jerky movement of the eyes between positions of rest

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an abrupt spasmodic movement

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4) Looking at the launch-site analyses, it is apparent that the saccades resulting in the skipping of the pronoun more often came from the word prior to the pronoun (i.
Furthermore recent behavioral findings offer evidence that voluntary-goal directed saccades and attention cannot be split amongst locations, and that attention precedes the eyes to the saccade target position (e.
92) predicted by the number of eye movements the participant performed to search the display and by the latency of the initial saccades.
Because of the increased inertia, time for saccades went up, of course.
Combined information about the user's gaze and saccades and their neurological and emotional responses in real time will have applications from basic research and behavioral studies through to possible future neurological diagnoses.
Patients after visual scanning therapy still require more saccades to view their full field.
It is likely that the retinal anticipatory signal for motion trajectory reported in previous studies (62, 64) serves to compute the local object motion during visual fixation, whereas the coordinated GC signals described in our study may send visual representation during and immediately after saccades.
Les chanteurs mozabite Salah Assekkar et chaoui Zahi Cheraiti se sont succede ensuite, rendant [beaucoup moins que] Lachi N'Zoua [beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que] Ekkerd A N'Ugir [beaucoup plus grand que] respectivement, avant d'etre rejoints par l'ensemble des intervenants pour chanter en chœur la piece d'El Hadj Rabah Deriassa [beaucoup moins que] Yahia Ouled Bladi [beaucoup plus grand que], accompagnes dans l'euphorie par le public avec des claquements saccades des mains et des youyous.
Saccades depend on information from the periphery of the retina to tell the brain that there is something of interest in the field that should be recognised12
The points represent eye fixations and the lines represent saccades, which are movements between fixation points [15]; the scanpath moves sequentially from point 1 to point 8.
professor of biomedical engineering and neuroscience at The Johns Hopkins University, and his team used very simple eye movements, known as saccades, to stand in for other bodily movements.
Dependent measures were the total number of fixations, the total number of saccades, the average of duration of fixations, as well as the total gaze durations.
Procedure Category Distance Cover Test * 1 Near Cover Test 1 Versions (EOMs) and/or Pursuit 1 Accommodation 2 Saccades 3 NPC 4 Repeated NPC 4 * Includes both unilateral and alternate cover testing.
Abnormal oculomotor testing, such as smooth pursuit, is frequently seen in VBI patients (14), in our case, abnormal saccades were detected, indicating a central nervous system involvement.
Les evenements politiques saccades ont alors pave la voie a la floraison, qui n'est plus en catimini, du marche du [beaucoup moins que]keif[beaucoup plus grand que] (drogues).