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a rapid, jerky movement of the eyes between positions of rest

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an abrupt spasmodic movement

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This is important because each saccade shifts the position of visible objects on the retina, and hence the brain needs to know the stable positions of objects in external space," says Dr.
The researchers hope the assessment will make the process of reaching an accurate diagnosis more efficient, and they plan to form a company, Saccade Diagnostics, to produce and sell the test.
Investigation of these movement parameters demonstrated differences between SPEM and saccades in individuals with PPCS and injury-free controls [20].
Saccades are the motions that our eyes make as we focus on one thing and then another.
DataViewer software from SR Research was used to aggregate raw data into meaningful measurements, such as fixations and saccades.
Au seuil de 2013, elle se trouve encore dans le besoin de se rappeler a coups de stylos les dates marquantes d'une annee tant bien penible que tumultueuse, oE les incidents saccades ont enfin coupe le souffle et du regime en place et des citoyens.
1999) found that the experimental group showed improvements in the four tested variables (shooting, concentration, saccades and visual acuity) after a nine session training program of shooting with specific visual exercises.
Her cranial nerves were notable for impaired upgaze, but otherwise intact EOMs with slow tracking but no abnormal saccades and no nystagmus.
Patients with central vertigo will have positive signs with some of the following tests: smooth pursuit, saccades, and cerebellar tests.
Since Visual Scan is a timed exercise, visual planning and strategies are necessary to complement perceptual speed and accurate saccades.
A possible explanation for the improved performance on emotion recognition tasks following intranasal oxytocin administration is increased saccades to the eye region.
The camera moves by saccades and its axis is refreshed when the mobile is about to exit the area under survey of the current sensor.
By examining fixations, saccades, pupil dilation, blinks and a variety of other behaviours, researchers can determine the effectiveness of a given medium or product.
Association of binocular lower visual field impairment, impaired simultaneous perception, disordered visually guided motion and inaccurate saccades in children with cerebral visual dysfunction--a retrospective observational study.