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a common language used by speakers of different languages

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SCORERS: Mayira Sabir 5, Ishrat Abbas 2, Afshan Naureen, Hina Pervaiz, Hina Kanwal, Kalsoom Shahzadi.
Ishaq, a seminary teacher, and Sabir, a mosque cleric, were residents of Ahmedpur East tehsil in Bahawalpur district of Punjab.
Ishaq was a seminary teacher while sabir was the muezzin of a mosque.
Makhdum Miyon Sabir Walhari acquired his early education from Miyon Amin of Dasuri, another eminent Naqshbandi Sufi of the eighteenth century.
Military courts had awarded death sentence to Shafqat and Sabir Shah for killing a lawyer and convicted Liaqat for murdering a journalist.
Muhammad Liaqat had been charged with attacking a journalist, while Sabir Shah and Shafaqat are deemed involved in the murder of Advocate Arshad Ali in Lahore.
The scavengers in Pakistan are mostly women and children, Sabir told those of us assigned along with him to a forum focus group that tackled inclusion in the context of urbanization and migration.
Mr Sabir said driver Shafique Malik had made two separate visits to the car park on the day in question - Friday, April 7 - to pick up customers.
MINGORA -- Provisional Leader of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) and former chief minister Peer Sabir Shah appreciated Prime minister for raising Kashmir issue at platform of United Nations (UN).
Abu Dhabi: Ghulam Sabir and Rohan Mustafa hit centuries as Alubond Tigers eased to an 85-run victory over News Stars, their second in as many games, in the Farlin Ramadan Twenty20 Cup.
Father-of-two Raf Sabir booked eight business class seats on the first inbound A380 from Dubai on Sunday, and was furious when his luggage went missing and his bag was returned the next day in a state of disrepair.
THE wonderful story about Sabir Zazai who came to Coventry as a refugee 15 years ago and is now the boss of the migrant centre, proves to the anti-immigrant/save the green belt brigade just how wrong they are.
In light of concerns raised by Albertans and service providers about the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) Safety Standards Regulation, AR 229/2013, the Minister of Human Services, Irfan Sabir, has decided to extend the effective date of compliance to the Regulation to March 31, 2016.
First ever doctorate degree issued by PARC Institute of Advanced Studies in Agriculture (PIASA) was conferred to Sabir Hussain Shah.
Owner of the Cinnamon restaurant in Trimdon, County Durham, Sabir Ahmed has agreed to allow the youngsters to experience how to cook traditional Indian food, with head chef Shayer Miah.