Sabine River

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a river in eastern Texas that flows south into the Gulf of Mexico


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Specimens of Potamius amphichaenus were collected in the Sabine River in July-August 2011 in three sites upstream of Toledo Bend Lake.
A diverse collection of mussel species reportedly inhabits the Sabine River watershed.
My father had been promised an experienced crew, but on the first trip down the Sabine River, a sailor asked about the objects going north in the river.
Undistinguished though it was, the Alamo was the only significant outpost between the Mexican armies to the south, and the mass of Texian colonies along the Sabine River, In October 1835, after armed rebellion against Mexican rule had broken out, soldiers under General Martin Perfecto de Cos--Santa Anna's inept, vain brother-in-law--took control of the Alamo.
Harry and his younger sister Tom think the killer is the legendary Goat Man, a strange creature that lives in the Bottoms around the Sabine River.
returning to his post in Louisiana, he led a force across the Sabine River to hold Nacogdoches for five months during the Texan Revolution (1836); at the outbreak of war with Mexico (April 1846), he raised several thousand volunteers in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Missouri without permission and continued his activities in defiance of orders; removed from his command, he was courtmartialed but acquitted; placed in command of the Eastern Department, he died in New Orleans (June 6, 1849).
Heckmann Water Resources' (HWR) fresh water pipeline will initially transport water from HWR's Red River water supply and ultimately be able to deliver water from both the Red River and the Sabine River.
Governor Greg Abbott has appointed Laurie Woloszyn of Longview to the Sabine River Authority Board of Directors for a term set to expire on July 6, 2021.
The results from the survey of mussels have prompted Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Sabine River Authority to initiate studies to evaluate whether impacts of the project have extended into nearby tributaries.
Three of these permits are for the Neches River Basin - which includes the city of Port Arthur - and the others are for the Sulphur River Basin, the Sabine River Basin and the Red River Basin.
The Sabine River Authority (SRA) of Texas was created in 1949 to equitably distribute the waters of the Sabine River and its tributaries.
The Texas Administrative Code lists 18 freshwater mussel sanctuaries ("no-take" areas) within Texas stream segments and reservoirs with three being on the Sabine River in northeast Texas.
System water supply is derived from local lakes and additional raw supply is purchased from Sabine River Authority.
I-10 West remains closed due to flooding from the Sabine River at the Louisiana/Texas State Line.
Aside from the Cowleech Prairie Preserve in northeastern Texas, there are a handful of scattered remnants along the Sabine River.