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Synonyms for Sabbatum

the seventh and last day of the week


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(Erben), 1579, VD16 S 8600, 81: "Alii Sabbatarii sunt, sabbatum enim, sicut Iudaei consueverunt, colere se dicunt oportere.
4-13, 1529: "Dominicum diem sabbatum dicebat, et tantummodo lex de sabbato et non dominico die canit et dicit."--Prague, Narodni archiv, Archiv prazkeho arcibiskupstvi, B 2/13a (Acta consistorii communicantium sub utraque specie, 1525-1539), 156-157; published in: Jedntani a dopisy konsistore katolicke i utrakvisticke, 1.: Akta konsistore utrakvisticke, ed.
.] Quod porro ecdesia a tempore apostolorum Iudaeorum sabbatum non est feriata, sed sabbati low diem solis, quem dominicum in memoriam resurgentis a mortuis Christi instituit et observavit, mod[degrees] non arbitror tibi disciplicere.
Noah's lyrical words, set over the graceful imagery of dolphins swimming in the ocean and accompanied by the 16th-century choral piece "sum Transisset Sabbatum," lend the film an aura of beauty and transcendental mysticism.
For example, (23) corde corde from hearte 11.29 mid heartae 13.15 'in heart' 'with their heart' sabbati sabbatis to sunnadae l to seternes daeg 12.8 on sabbatum (11) 12.10, 11, 12 (in) 'of the sabbath day' 'on the sabbath days' morte sabbato of deade 15.4 in sunnadaeg 12.1 '(let him die) the death' 'on the sabbath day' non est opus ualentibus medico ne is darf l gemnise daem halum to lece l from 9.12 'They that be whole need not a physician' quia templo maior est hic fordon from tempel mara is des l dis 12.6 'That in this place is one greater than the temple'
[D2.sup.v] of the Discantus partbook, Tallis's '[Dum transisset] Sabbatum', exists in four states, each of which successively improves the reading.
[D2.sup.v] (Tallis's '[Dum transisset] Sabbatum', part of the outer forme) is in this earliest state, two (Ch1, Ch2) have the misfortune of being perfected by an uncorrected inner forme.
3.30 Evensong: Henry Purcell in B flat, Dum transisset Sabbatum - Taverner.