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school meeting on Sundays for religious instruction

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This gives him an evenhanded perspective on the conflict, to be sure, but it also, as in the case of the Sabbath School Cards, threatens to reduce the conflict itself to an epiphenomenon, to a mere reflection of a struggle whose real political or ideological roots are elsewhere.
In the end HES reached a compromise, accommodating both approaches by establishing two separate religious schools--a weekday afternoon Hebrew School with a traditional curriculum, and a Reform-oriented Sabbath School.
"Among the convicts, there are, without doubt, many who have had no opportunity to profit of any public provision for instruction, either literary, moral or religious, until they have become subject to the discipline of the State Prison." As a result of the committee's report, prison officials regularized instruction in reading and writing in the curriculum of the prison Sabbath school.(27)
Along with every other child in Sabbath school he would have had what is the chief end of man drilled in to him and would have immediately known the response, to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.
She could have been further helped by examining an explicitly prescriptive source such as the official Sabbath School study guides prepared for laypersons' Bible study.
His work would lead to the first recorded "Sabbath school" in Brockville, Ont., and the birth of a congregation.
As nearly as we can estimate, the Union brought seventy five thousand Sabbath school children and seven thousand five hundred teachers into connection with The Presbyterian Church in Canada.
Schoolmaster James Davidson opened a Sabbath school in Lyon's Brook in the early 1770s, almost a decade before Sunday schools began in England.
The statement of session in Rosedale's 1908 annual report contains the answer: "Notwithstanding the heavy claims on the congregation for church building, we have tried not to lose sight of the larger work of the church." The newly organized Rosedale congregation had been moved by an urgent appeal from the mission in Henan (Honan), China, at that time a mission of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, "for a church building at a strategic point." The congregation sent $3,000 to China, $2,900 from the church fund and $100 from the Sabbath school.
He attended the Leominster Seventh-day Adventist Church for 36 years, where he held various positions and leadership roles, including elder and adult sabbath school teacher.
* Five hundred and twenty diplomas were issued to sabbath school scholars who had repeated the whole of the Shorter Catechism in one sitting.
He was a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, serving in various capacities including head deacon, sabbath school teacher, elder and treasurer.
SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Nobles & Greenough Upward Bound, Grades 9-12; school play, Grades 10 and 11; Mock Trial, treasurer, Grades 9 and 10; Health Promotion Club, Grades 9 and 10, treasurer; Youth Chorus, Grades 11 and 12; Clinton Memorial Hospital intern, Grades 11 and 12; Boston Community Servings, Grade 11; tennis, Grades 10-12; Poetry Club, Grades 11 and 12; Robotics FIRST, Grade 11; Master Guide Club, Grade 12; Southern New England Adventist Conference, youth volunteer secretary, Grade 11; Adventist Adventures Club teacher; Adventist Pathfinder Club, counselor; Sabbath School secretary director, Grade 12.
She was a member of the Gardner Seventh Day Adventist Church, and a former long-time member of the South Lancaster Village Church of Seventh Day Adventists, where she taught Sabbath School for many years.
He left $1,000 to the First Congregational Society of Oxford "to be held in trust to keep at all times invested in safe and profitable securities" to be used "as necessary to care for my cemetery lot for all time," with the balance to go to "purchase of books for the library of the Sabbath School."