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a day of rest and worship: Sunday for most Christians

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Attired as he was, he slipped from the paternal doors, and found himself in the cool spring air, the thin spring sunshine, and the great Sabbath quiet of the city, which was now only pointed by the cawing of the rooks.
On the Sabbath day, when the congregation were singing a holy psalm, he could not listen because an anthem of sin rushed loudly upon his ear and drowned all the blessed strain.
Through one violet-stained window a soft light glowed, where, no doubt, the organist loitered over the keys, making sure of his mastery of the coming Sabbath anthem.
Some gathered in little circles, huddled closely together, with their mouths all whispering in the centre; some went homeward alone, wrapt in silent meditation; some talked loudly, and profaned the Sabbath day with ostentatious laughter.
Come with me, I beseech you, Reverend sir, else you will be poorly able to do Sabbath duty to-morrow.
The next day, however, being the Sabbath, he preached a discourse which was held to be the richest and most powerful, and the most replete with heavenly influences, that had ever proceeded from his lips.
A little solace came at tea-time, in the shape of a double ration of bread--a whole, instead of a half, slice--with the delicious addition of a thin scrape of butter: it was the hebdomadal treat to which we all looked forward from Sabbath to Sabbath.
In March 1900, with Bernard Drachman as the driving force, the Sabbath Observance Association helped create a Jewish Endeavor Society to reach young Jews.
(1) Yet Berry's Sabbath poetry is not written in the vein of sola scriptura, a lone interpreter reading his Bible on Sunday walks.
By: Rana Atef CAIRO -- 26 October 2017: Heavy metal fans have the precious opportunity to attend the legendary heavy metal band Black Sabbath's universal tribute tomorrow at NAJ Pictures.
For fans this doesn't really matter and if you are a Black Sabbath fan the only thing you will be interested in is that the documentary The End of the End about the band's triumphant final concert will be screened tomorrow at Pantheon Cinema in Nicosia at 8.30pm.
New York, NY, July 08, 2017 --( Black Sabbath's multi-platinum selling Paranoid is one of the most successful and beloved hard rock albums.
I am certain God is looking at your heart (and not your skin colour) but our scriptures embody and espouse a higher reverence for the Sabbath than your physical demeanor.
We propose that distinctive, high-cost, and meaningful Christian practices, such as Sabbath keeping, may be related to the internalization of religion-and thus increased well-being--when they occur within a community.
The Jews take the commandment, "Remember the Sabbath day--keep it holy," very seriously.