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one who observes Saturday as the Sabbath (as in Judaism)

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Sherbert arose out of a sincere Sabbatarian's free-exercise challenge to the state's refusal to grant her unemployment-compensation benefits after she lost her job because she refused to work on Saturdays.
* Some Baptists are Sabbatarians. Both a Saturday Sabbath and the Lord's Day should be observed.
The Chief Justice noted that the Sunday closing requirement did not simply impose a burden on the religious practice of those who would keep Saturday as the Sabbath, it also gave Christians, who honour Sunday as the Sabbath, a relative advantage over Saturday Sabbatarians. Even if the law was not intended to favour or support Christian practice, that was its effect.
They were Baptists, Sabbatarians, Church of Christ, Mormons and just plain old Christians, I guess, but we all had that great commonality of avoiding the moral failings of the public schools.
John has observed, "For Sabbatarians and anti-Sabbatarians alike, the Sabbath had a rich symbolic meaning that it has subsequently lost." (10) It is therefore not surprising that some of New England's most vigorous intellects--Hawthorne, but also Catharine Maria Sedgwick, Emerson, Horeau, Melville, and Dickinson--responded to this issue, or that they generally did so to question a long-standing identification of Puritanism and the Sabbath.
For example, a law that required employers to accommodate the religious practices only of Sabbatarians, but not those employees who observe other religious holidays, might be constitutionally unacceptable.
In the early twentieth century, religious conservatives known as Sabbatarians believed Sunday should be a day of religious observance, not to be desecrated by professional baseball games.
In Luther's letter of 1538 against the Sabbatarians, he admonished those Protestants who adopted Jewish religious practices, including circumcision and the observance of Saturday as the Lord's Day.
Book horrified them as Sabbatarians, not as sporting people, but this
While Sabbatarians voiced objections about baseball and ball grounds in St.
During the antebellum decades, Sabbatarians had fought an increasingly rearguard battle against the encroachment of secular and especially commercial activities on Sunday.
The two unmarried sisters were brought up in a strict Welsh Nonconformist tradition, remaining strict sabbatarians and teetotallers until their deaths, when they bequeathed an astonishing array of art to the museum.
(9) Indeed, our knowledge of sport in the early to mid-17th century is largely drawn from the increasingly shrill efforts by Puritans and other sabbatarians to ban or, at the very least, severely restrict or contain it.
Lors de la Premiere Guerre mondiale, les Sabbatarians exigent que l'observance du dimanche s'applique aussi aux soldats des camps d'entrainement.
In 1859 Nayler published--with a typically extravagant title-page--Bones for Sabbatarians to Pick.