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Synonyms for sabotage

Synonyms for sabotage

a deliberate and underhanded effort to defeat or do harm to an endeavor

to damage, destroy, or defeat by sabotage

Synonyms for sabotage

a deliberate act of destruction or disruption in which equipment is damaged

destroy property or hinder normal operations

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Currently, the oil pipeline that transfers crude oil from Marib to Ras Issa Port is still inoperable due to sabatoge carried out last month.
Overscheduled, Unplanned Meals Sabatoge Successful Change
Athletics chiefs fired the warning on the day his coach insisted the Olympic and world 100 metres champion has been a victim of a sabatoge plot.
Also, some leaders have developed egos that are so dependent on the current system that they will fight to maintain it and look for ways to sabatoge the changes that are necessary to move an organization forward.
Charlie had a fling with Bev before falling for Shelley; Charlie finally beds barmaid Shelley after taking her for a posh meal; Jealous Bev, centre, tries to sabatoge ex-lover Charlie's growing romance with her daughter Shelley