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at least the following 26 genera were medically used by Native Americans (compiled from data in Lewis & Elvin-Lewis, 1977; Duke, 1986): Acer, Cephalanthus, Cornus, Fraxinus, Hypericum, Ilex, Lachnanthus, Lemna, Liquidambar, Magnolia, Myrica, Nuphar, Nymphaea, Nyssa, Orontium, Persea, Poligala, Pontederia, Rhexia, Sabatia, Sagittaria, Salix, Sarracenia, Saururus, Typha, and Xyris.
Variation in pollen limitation among individuals of Sabatia angularis (Gentianaceae).
The MCAs,Paul Ashachi (Musanda), Edwin Nandwa (Marama North), Geoffrey Ondiro (Marenyo-Shianda), Boaz Omukanda (Marama West) and Lilian Osiema (nominated) went to Butere police station to negotiate the release of 95 motorcycles confiscated in Sabatia market on Sunday.
Marginally significant evidence of such a relationship was found by Dudash and Fenster (1997) in Silene virginica, but Dudash (1991) did not detect this pattern in Sabatia angularis (in a comparison between two groups, plants with [less than]7 or [greater than]25 flowers).
Relative fitness of selfed and outcrossed progeny in a self- compatible, protandrous species, Sabatia angularis L.
From the moment he was elected unopposed as Sabatia MP in 1989, following the death of his father, Mudavadi has cultivated the air of a calm, measured and cultured politician.
The Nissan matatu, which is owned by Sabatia Sacco, was ferrying passengers from Kitale to Webuye town.