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a Malaysian from Sabah

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Located along the southeast coast of Sabah, Tawau borders Sulawesi to the south and faces the Sabahan interior to the west.
Despite the misuse of this term, most indigenous Sabahan societies remain egalitarian up to today, with leaders recognized for their personal attributes, not hereditary "chiefs." Thus, the appropriation of Brunei and British terminology for traditional leadership positions, and indeed the continuation of this system in the contemporary local District administration in Malaysia may have elaborated upon, but not eroded, traditional systems.
Nasser Al-Shamrani scored the match's sole goal for Al-Hilal in the 47 minute to give his team a jump to nine points as top of the group, followed by Al-Sadd of Qatar with 8 points which beat Al-Ahli of the UAE 2-1 while Sabahan of Iran and the Al-Ahli of the UAE both lost qualifying.
Jeffrey Kitingan, a KDM veteran politician, said ethnic Sabahans were angry and frustrated at the massive issuance of Mykad to Suluks because it was clear that leaders of the ruling United Malays Nationalist Organization (Umno) had put more importance on their political interest than on the need "to protect the safety of the people."
The empirical analysis of the everyday self-identification in relation to practices and discourses shows a complex picture, as Kadazan villagers differently situate themselves as Malaysian, Kadazan, Sabahan and members of their village on different occasions and contexts.
'Even though he is a Sabahan, to me, it's not so much about where he is from, his race or religion, but it's about the delivery system.
Historical Sabah: Community and Society by historian Danny Wong Tze Ken consists of 25 short, but compelling, chapters, each from four to 14 pages long, all amply illustrated, many with never before published photographs that, taken together, nicely capture in their diversity the highly heterogeneous character of Sabahan society of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
A month ago, two Chinese divers and their Sabahan instructor were killed near Kalapuan island, Semporna, with injuries consistent with a fish bomb.
Begak (Ida'an) is an isolate within the Sabahan subgroup.
'We also suggested that the EC look into extending postal voting to Sabahan and Sarawakians working in the peninsular and vice versa,' she said, adding that they too could have difficulties to return to their respective constituency to vote.
Sabahans remain unconvinced of Putrajaya's sincerity in reviewing the Malaysia Agreement 1963, with concerns that the terms of the review being a one-sided affair.
Add to that the Sabahans prefer to remain a part of Malaysia through a referendum.Btw, why would they choose the Philippines especially Imperial Manila who failed to improve the conditions in Mindanao (with ARMM now BARMM, the poorest region in the Philippines)?
Following their engagment, Sabahans have congratulated Grant Gustin for being with the Malaysian beauty.
According to the breakdown made available by the ministry official 28,926 are Indians, 8,214 Chinese, 1,923 Malays, 329 Sabahans and 921 Sarawakians.