SWAT squad

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a squad of policemen who have been trained to deal with violent and dangerous situations

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Despite their popular image as crook-busters and hostage-rescuers, SWAT squads are still employed most often as political police.
Although the carnage on the Parade and at the homes of the Gordons, Murrays and Corkhills looks like a make-over swat squad from Changing Rooms has just passed through, that's nothing compared to the devastation in people's lives.
A special police SWAT squad stormed the house and arrested a suspect after a 90-minute siege.
The SWAT squad were then called in and police sharpshooters were placed around the building.
The Swat squad fired tear gas but as more than 100 other cops surrounded the area the boat was found to be empty.
Minutes later, at the edge of Trafalgar Square, MacDonald allegedly threw a bottle at a line of shield-carrying police, and was held by a SWAT squad.
A couple were forced out of bed at gunpoint by a 20-strong police SWAT squad.
Skateboarding gays, TV news crews and even members of the local Miami SWAT squad were roped in for free.
At midnight on Saturday, dozens of officers - led by an armed Swat squad - swooped on the British Hotel.
Besides, quick reaction teams and SWAT squads are on a standby, a senior police official said.
If in America, the relative of a murder victim went out and in his turn murdered scores of the murderer's relatives, would his behavior merely be characterized as "disproportionate?" Or would SWAT squads and armed response police pen up the attacker, disarm him and bring him before the judge in double time?
So there were helicopters and Swat squads, the lot.
They and scores of other SWAT squads had been cruising suburbs of towns all over Texas and the incident in Beaumont was just one of dozens of arrests.
Police SWAT squads also mounted road blocks and stepped up perimeter patrols at Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, East Midlands, Bristol, Stansted and Luton airports.