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abnormally rapid heartbeat (over 100 beats per minute)

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The Government's flagship price cap for homes on standard variable tariffs (SVTs) is due to be unveiled by regulator Ofgem on Wednesday.
In cases of difficulty in the induction of SVT, intravenous (IV) doses of atropine or infusion of dobutamine were used in addition to pacing protocols to facilitate tachycardia induction.
that's about 1kWh of electricity per year, costing between 70p and PS1, depending on the tariff 10% the best fixed a rtiff for smart meter customers showed an astonishing saving of just under25% compared to the average SVT government backed organisation tasked with informing Great Britain about the benefits of the smart meter rollout.
The regulator's fears were further eased by high levels of customer switching - the highest in a decade - while it also found the proportion on SVTs has fallen.
"In response to rapidly rising wholesale energy costs, a number of supply companies have increased their SVT and it has also resulted in Ofgem announcing a second increase to the prepayment meter cap.
True unprovoked primary SVT is reported as 15% to 27% of all patients (3).
In present study SVT were the most common arrhythmias in patients with structurally normal hearts present in 44% cases.
The first-line recommended emergency treatment for stable regular, narrow complex tachycardia secondary to SVT is the utilization of vagal maneuvers [2] such as the Valsalva maneuver (VM) [3] or the carotid sinus massage.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-December 4, 2017-EnQuest completes acquisitions in Magnus oil field and SVT
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 4, 2017-EnQuest completes acquisitions in Magnus oil field and SVT
BRITISH Gas owner Centrica is scrapping standard gas and electricity tariffs (SVT) for new customers ahead of Government plans to impose a price cap on the costly energy products.
On a post-closing basis, SVT will transition to the Radiant brand and expand the company's cross-border capabilities with operations in Texas.
ISLAMABAD -- Special Vigilance Team (SVT) here on Monday recovered 20 Kgs of heroin from flight of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) bound for London.