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a polymer of vinyl chloride used instead of rubber in electric cables

irregularity of cardiac rhythm

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SVC specialises in supporting state governments and associated entities with Medicaid and health policy expertise.
Intracardiac baffle with single patch technique was done in 9 patients in whom right superior pulmonary vein was draining at the junction of right atrium and SVC. While warden procedure was done in one patient in which right superior pulmonary vein was draining into the upper part of SVC.
Multiple marginally enlarged lymph nodes were noted at pretracheal, right paratracheal, subcarinal region and at aortopulmonary window; but once again, the aetiology of SVC syndrome remained undiagnosed as no lymph node or mass was found to compress SVC.
Conventional venogram was performed by the cardiologist and confirmed SVC complete obstruction at the SVC/RA junction and narrowing of the IVC with the narrowest diameter measuring 6.6 mm.
This adverse effect of integration of a large scale solar power plant can be nullified by installing Static VAR Compensator (SVC) with the nearby grids of QAPVSPP.
"Thinspace has successfully provided the end-to-end secure and easy access solutions which is aptly suited to SVC Bank's environment, addressing all micro and macro requirements.
In the most general state, SVC is composed of a TCR (Thyristor Controlled Reactor) which is parallel with a capacitor bank.
The SVC gives food producers the versatility they need to package practically any free-flowing product and the ability to react quickly to changing end-user demands.
The decoded video by these subset bit streams is analogous to that achieved using the H.264/AVC (Advanced Video Coding) standard in fidelity (Schwarz and Wien, 2008) SVC is beneficial than simulcast, that permits concurrent transmission of single-layer bit streams with dissimilar bit rates and picture sizes, depending upon the application.
Neoplastic SVC occlusion is usually secondary to lung cancer or lymphoma, but can also be due to advanced thyroid tumours (1,2,3).
One of North America's largest energy companies recently deployed four SVC solutions to modernize its distribution network and improve pumping station performance for a major crude oil pipeline.
Static VAr Compensators (SVC) is the most popularly used FACTS device.
(SVC), a leading management and technology consulting firm with over 60 employees serving the media and entertainment industry.