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US-based Textron Systems, which produces the RQ-7 Shadow that is fielded by the US Army for intelligence collection, is one example of a new armed SUAS project.
One challenge to armed SUAS development has been attaining weapons small enough to be employed from the air vehicles.
AeroVironment's Switchblade SUAS is an example of a single-use vehicle with integrated warhead and sensors.
From its TAPV for the Canadian Armed Forces to its versatile and proven Aerosonde SUAS and command and controls systems, like iCommand, Textron Systems is ideally suited for the current and future challenges of Canada's defence and security needs.
MACAW is already highly respected for its expertise within the energy sectors and the addition of SUAS to its service provision will further strengthen its global position.
7 SUAS delivers powerful benefits for the maritime services including long endurance and unmatched multiple-payload flexibility with superior video and communication relay capabilities," says AAI Division Vice President, Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Stephen Flach.
7 SUAS provides immense capability with the logistical and operational flexibility of an expeditionary footprint.
Unmanned systems like our Aerosonde SUAS have proven their worth around the world for many years, enhancing human capability in difficult or dangerous environments, said Phillips.
One of the most important links in this transformation is the proliferation of sUASs in increasing quantities and capabilities.
By maintaining sustained and accurate fires, bypassing emplaced obstacles, and massing forces at the decisive point, the 1-4 IN successfully used sUASs to maximize its combat power.
Simultaneously, the trainer coordinates with the installation tower chief to operate multiple sUASs while deconflicting for live aircraft and fires throughout the training area.
2) And more recently, in August of 2016, at least five sUASs disrupted wildfire fighting efforts near Los Angeles, grounding helicopters for fear of mid-air collisions.
With advances in material science, especially considering adaptive ("3D") printing techniques and carbon nanotubes, sUASs will become smaller, faster, and lighter, and will loiter longer and carry heavier payloads.
Although the carbon fiber and plastic components (of which the majority of most sUASs are comprised) naturally reduce radar return, size appears to contribute most to the shortcomings in sUAS radar identification and tracking.
He believes the profusion of sightings of sUASs flying where they shouldn't is due to technology that has lowered the entry barrier; anyone can buy and fly them.