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being one more than forty


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STS has worked closely with the Scarborough family over many years on a range of restoration projects.
First shoe: Next row K9(11:13:15), cast on 11(13:15:17) sts for the strap, turn and K 1 row on these 20(24:28:32) sts.
The web scripting API enables quick development of custom scripts and applications, allowing the STS and Raspberry Pi to perform even more complex tasks.
Emphasizing the key role STS plays in sponsoring these campaigns, Dr.
SPP already owned around 63% of STS and earlier this month the company announced it was to be fully taken over by its Japanese partner.
STS also charged that Sexton and Hensley, while still on the clock for STS, "met with and solicited on behalf of SMS the business of at least two physicians who referred patients to hospitals serviced by STS."
Analysis of the geographic distribution of STs 8, 9, and 398, which were only found in pig farmers, showed that they were dispersed throughout the 7 departments studied.
"We knew, for instance, when we introduced our 9650 STS and 9750 STS combines that those machines offered capacity that exceeded the capabilities of our 900 Series Platforms.
Kip Wasenko, who was the chief designer on the STS, took the opportunity to massage the design and make it more exciting: "I wanted it to be refined and sophisticated, crafted and tailored, and we spent a lot of time on tightening the gaps and radii.
STS is the only way for many people to call others who are not accustomed to their speech.
This FCC mandated service, called Speech to Speech (STS), provides communication assistants (CAs) for people with difficulty being understood by the public on the telephone.
People with speech disabilities can now access Speech-to-Speech (STS), a free telephone assistance service.
The 24-hour Speech-to-Speech (STS) service, which provides speech assistance for people whose speech impairment may make it difficult to be understood over the telephone, can now be accessed throughout the US, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
With the presidential nominations for both parties settled, the hottest contest in Washington, D.C., this week was the Intel Science Talent Search (STS), which honors research done by high school students around the country.