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what you can repeat immediately after perceiving it

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Each STM certification level also requires a certain amount of "technical experience related to science and technology management.
Whereas an STM tip can slide a single unladened HB-HBP molecule over a copper surface with ease, it must push harder with each atom the molecule takes on.
Umar Javed, Executive Vice President for STM Group, said, "We chose SMS-Mach6 as our business partner because of their specialized staff and world class teleport facilities, offering access to the SES New Skies NSS-10 satellite.
In 1995, Avouris and his coworkers used electrons from an STM to selectively snip molecular bonds, those between silicon and hydrogen atoms (SN: 6/24/95, p.
The STM employs a very fine tip--only one or a few atoms across--connected to a piezoelectric element, a tiny cylinder that lengthens or shortens minutely as the voltage on it changes.
As part of the network deployment for the Enciclomedia project, STM will commission a carrier-class DVB-RCS Hub in Mexico City before year-end.
Being able to manipulate silicon is an important first step," says physicist Daniel Rugar, who has used the STM tip to build up mounds of gold at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, Calif.
NSSL launched its Cruise IP service in June 2005, which incorporates STM DVB-RCS technology offering high quality broadband IP at speeds up to 2Mb with existing coverage in the U.
She and Beebe used their STM to examine hundreds of blank HOPG surfaces.
Scientists have long known that a strong electric field can ionize and eject atoms from a surface, but no one had tried this approach with a solid STM tip.
But with the ability to steer an STM tip precisely via the magic wrist, Hollis envisions manually controlling chemical reactions by deliberately orienting specific atoms and molecules.
principles of using virtual containers to transport different types of traffic within an STM signal
Path overhead (POH): Review of the role of Section Overheads (SOH) of an STM frame
Fitch's review confirmed that STM has developed a capable servicing platform through an experienced management team, industry-standard technology, and effective loan administration processes and procedures.
Completing its first quarter of operation following the acquisition of the DVB-RCS business of Nera, STM today announced the delivery of over 1500 new SatLabs compliant SatLink terminals.