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To move into these areas with such a strong partner as STH is a major step in DCT's corporate and revenue growth.
STH as a service provider, acts as a go between our strategic partners and our clients and we take their needs and possible threats to their businesses very seriously.
Sikorsky's CH-53K, combined with Rheinmetall as our key German partner, is a winning solution for STH.
STH exacts a toll on human capital, hindering economic development, yet not all at-risk children are currently treated.
The meeting discussed the STH survey which indicates that around 17 million children of school-age (5-15 years old) are infected with STH in targeted areas of Pakistan posing serious threat to children's health, education, and productivity.
Slaughter and tail traits such as tail length (cm), tail width (cm), body weight (kg), carcass weight (kg) and absolute tail fat weight were recorded, dressing percentage and relative tail fat weight were calculated, absolute tail fat weight (kg) was neglected in STH because of the small tail and low fat deposits.
STH infections cause poor physical growth and intellectual development in children and can also cause anemia and malnutrition even among women of childbearing age if left untreated, Garin said.
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 241 million children between the ages of 1 and 14 are at risk of STH infection in India.
SABKA STH sabka vikas' -- the theme of the BJP during the Lok Sabha polls that attracted people across lines of caste and religion-- is going to be the new tagline of the NDA government for a series of advertisements to be issued on the occasion of Independence Day.
Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, STH, through its Humanetics, HITEC & SDI subsidiaries, has been engaged in the development of biofidelic anthropomorphic test devices and related sensor measurement systems since first introduced during the early 1950s.
Michigan-based STH is the parent company of Humanetics ATD, HITEC Sensor Solutions and SDI.
The spokesman for the STH said that 246 patients were in the hospital on that day with 10 kids and 63 female.
Creee en 2003 et operationnelle en 2004, la STH est une filiale de Sonatrach, detenue a 60% par le groupe petrolier et 40% par les entreprises portuaires d'Arzew, Bejaia et Skikda, rappelle-t-on.
At any one moment in the world, more than 2 billion people are infected with STH infections.