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The absolute decrease in sTfR levels, however, was similar between the two groups (6.38 [+ or -] 1.30 ng/ml vs.
The mean sTfR levels of patients at the time of diagnosis were 5.66[+ or -]3.19 [micro]g/mL in Group 1 and 4.598[+ or -]2.64 [micro]g/mL in Group 2.
A mean sTfR level [greater than or equal to] 2.5 mg/L diagnosed IDA with a sensitivity of 68% to 97% and a specificity of 47% to 100%.
Iron studies which show decreased SI, SF, and TS but increased FEP/ZPP, TIBC, and sTfR indicate IDA.
In a clinical setting, sTfR measurements have been widely used and offer an attractive amendment to the repertoire of indices of iron status.
If additional laboratory assessments were available, such as sTfR, the nurse could correlate the finding of iron deficiency with the TSAT and CHr results.
From these temporal distributions I obtained the following traits: initial date of flowering (FLW) and fruit maturation (FRT), standard deviations (= synchrony) of flowering (STFL) and fruit maturation (STFR), and skewness of flowering (SKFL) and fruit maturation (SKFR).
Keywords: Ferritin, sTfR, sTfR/F ratio, Chronic kidney disease.
Serum ferritin (SF) was measured using an automated immunoassay instrument (Siemens Medical Solutions, USA, Inc, Malvern, PA) and soluble transferrin receptor (sTfR) was determined using a commercially available immunoassay (Quantikine IVD, R&D Systems Inc, Minneapolis, MN).
Reference intervals were not available for AGP, A1AT, bilirubin (unconjugated), ceruloplasmin, CK, chloride, glucose, potassium, sodium, and STfR (7).
Results: Levels of sTfR in individuals with ss thalassemia minor were increased but these were lower than in iron deficiency anemia group.
Plazmada "solubl" transferrin almaclarinin (sTFR) miktari, eritropoezin hizi ve Fe duzeyi ile degisir.
In Alcholpii refugee camp in Uganda anemia was a severe public health problem in children (6-59 months), with anemia documented in 72.9% (mean hemoglobin (Hb) 98 [+ or -] 17 g/L) and iron deficiency (serum-soluble transferrin receptor (sTfR) concentration >8.5 mg/L) in 75% [11].
Athletes, in general, are prone to iron loss and iron-deficiency anemia, as exercise reduces serum iron and transferrin and elevates soluble transferrin receptor (sTfR).