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printing: cancel, as of a correction or deletion

printing: direct that a matter marked for omission or correction is to be retained (used in the imperative)

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An 829-bp amplicon was used to test the quality and length of sequence obtained with the STETS method.
Two clinical HCV samples of genotypes 1a and 3a, each with a starting titer of ~200 000 IU/mL, were combined in various percentages to determine the lowest amount of minor species detected by the STETS method.
The participant benefit difference arises from the fact that STETS evaluation includes at most 10 months of post-program competitive employment, whereas Project Employability is evaluated on the basis of potentially 47 months of competitive employment.
Although Project Employability participants do not bear any of the program costs, STETS participants actually receive benefits of $2,669 per participant due to the receipt of in-program payments.
We no longer plan the future in terms of calendar years, because we've learned to think in terms of 'Internet Time,'" said Dave Stets, Vice President of RTI.
The Ministry chaired by Yurii Stets will prepare a comprehensive list of propositions to the American party targeting to hold consultations and form an information policy strategy in Ukraine and the Ukrainian broadcasting abroad.
Stet tries to stay out of the way of his alcoholic father, and to avoid the traps of drink, early marriage, and work at the town mill that have stunted the lives of his former friends.
Stet is sympathetic and believable, and the emotional connections he forges with the owner of the salvage yard, a gruff but caring Viet vet, and with his sister are affecting.