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the compass point midway between south and southwest

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The MoC also states that a joint committee with representatives from both sides has been established to ensure the proper implementation of the MoC and to take necessary corrective measures to improve the recruitment, employment and repatriation of Nepali workers with the status of residence of SSW.
When an SSW takes place, the polar vortex can split into two, occasionally three, distinct circulations.
Heralding widespread snow and plummeting temperatures, this is known as a Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW).
Weather experts have said that SSWs do not always lead to extreme winters, but that more often than not they are a predictor of cold snaps in the weather.
Their April to June forecast said: "The SSW in February very likely gave a strong impetus to recent cold spells and its influence is expected to continue in the early part of the outlook period.
The three acquisitions together deliver over 4,000 new customers at an average ARPU similar to the existing SSW customer base and generated combined historical revenue of 1.67m and historical EBITDA of GBP 0.27m.
SANDVIK says it is among the sponsors of the upcoming Stainless Steel World (SSW) Conference & Exhibition 2017 in The Netherlands (November 28-30), one of the world's most important events relating to the manufacture and use of corrosion resistant stainless steels and other corrosion resistant alloys.
El sindrome de Sturge-Weber (SSW) es un trastorno neurocutaneo congenito caracterizado por malformaciones vasculares hemifaciales y/o cerebrales que acompanan el recorrido del nervio trigemino.
On September 7, 2016, The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Adult Autism Family Support Fellowship and Resource Guide Fund was established at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, School of Social Work (SSW).
O teste SSW, objeto deste estudo, e um dos mais utilizados na avaliacao do PA e classifica-se como dicotico na referida bateria de testes utilizando, como estimulo verbal, palavras dissilabas organizadas em 40 sequencias compostas por 4 dissilabos cada uma, o que totaliza 160 palavras-estimulo, divididas entre as condicoes: Direita Nao-Competitiva (DNC), Direita Competitiva (DC), Esquerda Competitiva (EC) e Esquerda Nao-Competitiva (ENC) [4,5].
Because STRATALERT was organized under the WMO CAS, we have searched all meeting reports of those commissions, and of the WMO Executive Committee and Congress, since the 1950s for language related to the SSW definition.
Using administrative, social security records data on over 250,000 private sector employees in Austria, we define the income and price measures using social security wealth (SSW, the present discounted value of pension benefits) and the one-year accrual (the expected percentage change in SSW from delaying retirement by one year).