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a soft silver-white or yellowish metallic element of the alkali metal group

the unit of solid angle adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites


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In a recent meta-analysis, a mean reduction of 93-100% in tumour size was been reported with mean tumour control of 98% and endocrinological remission of 44.3% at median follow up of 59 months.This meta-analyses showed a better disease control with SRS (52%) compared to conventional radiotherapy (36%) at 5 years but the difference was not significant7.
The petitioner claimed that she was advised by doctors to approach the high court for permission to undergo the SRS to prevent legal complications.
SRS was done again by a senior member of the group.
SRS participants will include senior executives of commercial banks, development finance institutions, micro-finance banks, exchange companies, insurance companies, asset management companies, renowned academicians and business/economy journalists.
For simplicity, all parameters (including distance and time) scaled to characteristic SRS interaction time ([T.sub.SRS]) and characteristic SRS interaction length ([L.sub.SRS]).
high-level radioactive waste storage at SRS with no established path for disposal," the CAB stated in its response to the Department of Energy request.
While the role of the Department of Health (DoH) in providing the opportunity for clinical training platforms is pivotal, recognition of the role being played by SRs in providing service delivery without remuneration is warranted.
The proposed algorithm compensates for the difference in characteristics of laser shock and pyroshock by using the iterative signal decomposition and synthesis method, which achieved the gain needed to compensate for the difference in characteristics between laser shock and pyroshock based on shockresponse spectrum (SRS).
Sex reassignment surgery (SRS), or sex change, is a medical procedure that changes one's gender, and may include excising one's male genitals.
CalAmp (NASDAQ: CAMP) has been selected by SRS Technologies LLC (SRS) for its CalAmp turnkey telematics cloud service to enhance SRS's Transport Management Platform, the company said.
- US-based medical device maker SRS Medical Systems, Inc.
AMMAN, June 16 (KUNA) -- Jordanian Social Development Ministry has honored the Kuwaiti Social Reform Society (SRS) - Jordan office, for its humanitarian role in alleviating the suffering of the Syrian refugees in Jordan.
SRS Real Estate Partners (SRS) is pleased to announce that William Crisp Realty LLC has joined SRS' New York City team.