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a cavalry unit consisting of two or more troops and headquarters and supporting arms

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an air force unit larger than a flight and smaller than a group

a naval unit that is detached from the fleet for a particular task

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He explained: "84 Sqn are excited to be able to train alongside colleagues from the Republic of Cyprus Fire Service, Forestry Department, 460 Sqn National Guard and the Cyprus Police Aviation Unit.
Sqn Ldr Craig Pearson (left) receives a commemorative coin from General Austin Scott Miller
SQN says that Yelp has allowed Google and Facebook to rack up a significant number of peer reviews for local businesses.
He added that SQN can support data sharing not only between semiconductor makers and their customers but among tier 2 and tier 1 suppliers and the automakers, and so on.
SQN Banking Systems delivers innovative check fraud solutions that make large, mid-tier and community banks more competitive and more profitable.
Summit Asset Management's investment portfolio will now be operated under the SQN brand with the same team continuing to manage the company's UK listed fund - SQN Asset Finance Income Fund Ltd.
" Sqn Ldr Andy Grieve, Deputy Senior Medical Officer at Valley added:Rimon was a dear friend.
* Elaine D'Argent: F/L Robt Lauman, P, escaped Belgian 350 Sqn, RAF, Croix de Guerre, Spitfire, 01 June 42, North Sea 3 days in dinghy.
No 60 Sqn RFC/RAF joins others in the 'Aviation Elite Units' surveys and tells of a corps that went to France in 1916 equipped with obsolete equipment.
The parade will be led by the Corps of Drums of 868 Sqn ATC and British Legion detachments from several other areas in Kirklees.
Other members include Sqn Ldr Ashish, Sqn Ldr Choudhary, Fg Offr Kunal, Sqn Ldr A Kapoor and JWO AK Singh.
SQN Banking Systems has added image cash letter reconciliation tools to its list of fraud detection and process improvement products for the financial services industry.
2275 (WALTON) Sqn Air Training Corp were privileged to be a part of the Tall Ships event last weekend.
The recovered Spitfire will go on display in a French museum later this year but restorers would like to hand over a piece of the plane to Sqn Ldr MacFie's family, if they can be found.
Thanks to a new partnership with SQN Banking Systems[TM], Hyland is now able to offer check fraud detection technology to financial institutions throughout the Americas.