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a detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work

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SAP R/3, TPC-C and D, and SPECweb96 benchmarks all show Intel servers moving ahead of RISC for up to four-way servers, and Intel says its cost per TPC- C ratio ($22 for 4 CPUs) and cost per TPC-D ($83 per 100Gb) are well below comparable figures for Sparc, PowerPC and Alpha-based servers.
Behind the industry- leading 21,591 SPECweb96 result is a new Fast Response Cache Accelerator in the Communications Server.
According to just-released SPECweb96 benchmark test results, a ten-way G5 Turbo server, with ten 500 MHz Turbo G5 processors (each equipped with 4 MB of L2 cache) and a 9393-T82 RAMAC Virtual Array (Iceberg) disk array was able to process 21,591 web hits per second.