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a detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work

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That puts the 8600, with a SPECint rating of 38 and SPECfp rating of 56, ahead of the current top performer, the 700MHz Alpha 21264, according to HP.
The SPECint benchmarks tend to have shorter basic blocks and more unpredictable control flow than the SPECfp benchmarks.
3) SPEC and the benchmark names SPECint and SPECfp are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation.
The latter is not controversial and is generally associated with a contrastive reading, whereas a focus in the VP-adjacent SpecFP is not necessarily contrastive.
We have tested our system by automatically generating the equations for many numerical loop nests including matrix-multiply, Gaussian elimination, successive over-relaxation (SOR), and loops from the SPECfp benchmarks.
SGI wonders why HP issued a 64-processor benchmark for Linpack, but only a 32-way test for SPECint - and no SPECfp results at all.