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a political party in Germany and Britain (and elsewhere) founded in late 19th century

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The leadership of the SPD had initially ruled out joining Merkel in the government in the wake of historically disappointing results at federal elections in September last year.
However, after Merkel's attempt to cobble together a government with two smaller parties failed, the SPD relented.
The SPD ballot pitted the leadership of the centre-left party against the radical youth wing, which wanted the SPD to rebuild in opposition after a disastrous election showing.
In mid-October, at a time when the first round of coalition talks with the FDP and Greens seemed to be going well, the cabinet of the chancellor's outgoing coalition with the SPD met on the seventh floor of the Chancellery.
We're not only the oldest party in Germany but we're also the most modern party - the party of mass participation," Gabriel told some 400 cheering SPD volunteers who had spent the day counting some 369,680 ballots in a cold Berlin warehouse.
She is regarded as the strongest regional politician in the SPD and a possible next candidate for chancellor.
Many of the benefits of SPD are available to members only.
Supreme Court addressed a case where provisions in the SPD differed from those of the plan documents.
SPD will provide the well engineering and operations management services to Wintershall under its innovative Well Construction business model.
This study demonstrates that 2 dogs from Maringa, Brazil, with pathologic lesions consistent with SPD (7) were infected with a Neorickettsia sp.
According to SPD, the plant would require an investment of $60 million and employ between 35 and 40 workers upon completion.
Federal law already requires the SPD to contain extensive information about eligibility, vesting and benefits under a plan.
At the same time, larcenies and other property crimes get relegated to the SPD assigns each case equal weight, an approach it calls "reverse solvability.
20 Kyodo The Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Greens party agreed Monday to form a coalition government under Chancellor-elect Gerhard Schroeder of the SPD, SPD members said.
By insisting on discipline and self-control, SPD street demonstrations, especially those in support of suffrage reform, attempted to delegitimate the use of force by the police.