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Los resultados de la investigacion se han aplicado a una revista cientifica digital, generandose conjuntos de metadatos en RDF y publicandolos en el punto SPARQL asociado al sitio web.
D2RQ is able to query a non-RDF databse using SPARQL, access the content of the database as Linked Data over the web and access information in a non-RDF database.
Both the open-source and commercial versions are easily installed and include a management and monitoring console, sample data and sample queries to make it easy for SQL-knowledgeable customers to transition to SPARQL.
Utiliza estandares del consorcio W3C para la Web semantica (URI, RDF, SPARQL, etc.
32) Acronimo recursivo de SPARQL Query Language o lenguaje de consultas SPARQL para RDF.
Also, we will extend this initial representation to model RDF Schema (RDFS) graphs, and implement query evaluation algorithms for conjunctive and SPARQL [20] queries.
Generacion de consultas por medio del lenguaje SPARQL
The user will be able to easily launch complex queries based on SPARQL in order to satisfy their reporting needs.
NET, OLEDB, SPARQL, GData, XQuery, XPath, XSLT, XML/A, OpenSearch, WebDAV, HTTP, NNTP, Atom Publishing, RSS, SOAP, GRDDL and more.
Las consultas y las busquedas son realizadas con la ayuda de SPARQL y Pellet.
We use SPARQL (the query language for RDF data) queries to acquire taxonomic knowledge from O without any preprocessing effort.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 14, 2016-Cambridge Semantics Acquires SPARQL City's IP
In most of the ontology based discovery systems, the query is expressed in SPARQL language [23], confining the use of ontology to experienced users only.