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SPARQL City is redefining the way organizations perform data analysis on big data with schema-less approaches typical of NoSQL or RDF style systems.
Reusable SPARQL queries extracted content for wiki pages that formed semantic networks linking goals, objectives, courses, faculty, measurements, programs areas and stakeholders.
The semantic wiki provides a SPARQL endpoint that supports efforts of internet agents (both humans and machines) to access and query its content.
0 for the enterprise with SPARQL Server[TM], a high-speed RDF database that provides concurrent access to semantic, relational and Big Data.
While these benchmark results demonstrate the clear superiority of our Algebraix technology, they were achieved with an early prototype system, and we expect to make substantial additional functional, performance and scalability improvements prior to the official launch of our SPARQL Server product," said Charlie Silver, CEO of Algebraix Data.
The SILK framework works on data sources that are interlinked with the SPARQL specification.
NET, OLEDB, RDF, SPARQL, GData, XML, XQuery, XPath, XSLT, XML/A, WebDAV, HTTP, OpenID, NNTP, ATOM-Publishing and more.
Relations and attributes of this URI can then be queried by use of SPARQL.
High-Performance SPARQL-compliant RDF Quad Store - Full Text Indexing extension to SPARQL - SPARQL Update Language (SPARUL) support - Aggregate Function extensions to SPARQL - Integration of SPARQL and SQL - Built-in Middleware ("Sponger") for dynamically producing RDF data from non-RDF data sources - Declarative SQL to RDF mapping
Andy Seaborne of HP Labs, member of the W3C RDF Data Access Working Group, will speak about SPARQL and querying RDF data.
In order to query the RDF-based integration model we have used SPARQL Protocol And RDF Query Language (SPARQL) [PS08] and A SPARQL Processor for Jena (ARQ) [HP08] as the actual query engine.
New Generation Server Architecture for Next Generation of Data Web Solutions OpenLink Virtuoso includes: * SPARQL compliant RDF Triple Store * SQL-200n Object-Relational Database Engine (SQL, XML, and Free Text) * BPEL Server and Enterprise Service Bus (integrated) * WebDAV and Native File Server * Web Application Server (supporting PHP, Perl, Python, ASP.
With SPARQL query technology, pronounced "sparkle," people can focus on what they want to know rather than on the database technology or data format used behind the scenes to store the data.
We choose SPARQL as the query language to represent the natural language queries since SPARQL is defined in terms of the W3C's RDF data model and will work for any data source that can be mapped into RDF.
Standards-based SPARQL support for querying disparate data sources; and