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1500 meq L-1 (FAO:0-1 meq L-1), Na2+ 14, 13, 12 and 11 meq L-1 (0-40 meq L-1), Ca2+ 8, 7, 9 and 5 meq L-1 (FAO:0-20 meq L-1), SO42- 9, 9, 9 and 11 meq L-1 (FAO:0-20 meq L-1), SAR 7, 7, 6 and 11 (FAO: 0-15), respectively; while the TDS in water samples were 1427, 1520, 1725 and 837, respectively.
En este sentido se aborda la metanogenesis (los aceptores electronicos Anales pueden ser: CO2, metanol, formiato, acetato, entre otros), la reduccion del SO42-, y la reduccion del CO2 a acetato, y del NO3- a NO2- (Madigan et al.
10: Principales aniones del rio Mishca y sus afluentes superficiales PUNTO DE HCO3- NO3- SO42- Cl- MUESTREO TS-3 160.
The mean values of pH, Na+, and SO42- are within the permissible limits of WHO standards.
However, several kinetic factors (hydration of Mg2+ ions in seawater, high ionic strength of seawater, relative efficiency of aragonite and high-Mg calcite precipitation, inhibition effects of SO42- ions) mitigate its formation (Scholle & Ulmer-Scholle 2003).
Sample Description CI- Br- SO42- WOA 500 hrs HASL control unprocessed 2.
It was concluded from the study that majority of physico-chemical parameters including pH, EC, TDS, Cl-, SO42-, Na+, K+, Ca2+ , Mg2+ , Ni, Mn, Cu, Zn, Co, As, were within the permissible limits of WHO and US EPA except NO 3- and PO 4 3-, which exceeded the permissible limits in 70% and 55.
The contents and change trends of NO3-, SO42-, Ca, K, Fe, Cu and B analysis showed that cultivated soybean was closer to the semi-wild and quite different to common The annual average contents of NO3 Zn and B were significantly higher in salt-tolerant than contents of SO42-, Ca, K, Mg, Fe, Mo and Mn were significantly lower than in common wild soybean (Table 2, P < 0.
The NO3- Cl- H2PO4- and SO42- contents were determined by ion chromatography (DX-300 ion chromatographic system; AS4A-SC ion-exchange column CDM-II electrical conductivity detector mobile phase: Na2CO3/NaHCO3=1.
Also, they reflect the strong coordinating ability of NO3, Cl, Br, AcO and SO42- anions, depending on the type of the anions.
Sources of CO2 of the waters are fresh carbonates, marine carbonate and metamorphic origin to the results of 13C; and sources of SO42- of the waters are volcanic sulphur, petroleum-coal and sulphide in limestones to the results of 534S.