sulfur dioxide

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a colorless toxic gas (SO2) that occurs in the gases from volcanoes

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Box plots revealed that O3, PM10, NO, SO2 and CO had significant seasonal pattern and contribution of anthropogenic sources i.
When we focus SO2 emissions, addition of biomass gave a minimum amount of emission in terms of SO2.
Apple juice was divided into two parts for 50 ppm and 150 ppm SO2 application according to the experimental design.
The Alcan coal-powered plant emits 7,500 tonnes of NOx and 18,000 tonnes of SO2 a year and to make the shortfall it has to buy around 2,200 NO2 credits and 13,800 SO2 credits.
In the DCFS system, limestone slurry, a liquid absorbent of SO2, is evenly distributed throughout the absorber from spray nozzles installed at the bottom, in contrast to conventional grid tower systems in which slurry is sprayed from the top.
The Ministry of Environment has stated that in 2000, the biggest source of SO2 emissions in Ontario alone was from smelters, falling in at 42 per cent.
To comply with the Clean Smokestacks Act and meet other environmental requirements, Progress Energy is installing NOx-reduction technologies at all of its plants in North Carolina and is installing scrubbers to reduce SO2 emissions at the Asheville, Cape Fear, Mayo, Roxboro and Sutton plants.
Although 2003 represents just the first year in a 10-year process of significantly reducing SO2 and NOx emissions in North Carolina, the early returns are promising.
Knowing the relative abundances of S2 and SO2 helps constrain the chemistry and temperature of Io's interior.
says that even after Phase II of the federal acid rain reduction program starts in 2000--tightening SO2 limits--U.
SO2 has been observed to be well within the prescribed standards in Delhi.
In EI-MS spectrum molecule 7e showed the molecular ion peak at m/z 323 and chlorinated phenylsulfonyl cation gave peak at m/z 175 while benzyne cation gave signal at m/z 76 after the loss of SO2 and chlorine radical and p- ethylphenyl cation appeared at m/z 105.
ABSTRACT: A novel selective absorption of SO2 from a produced stream containing SO2, CO2, N2 and steam mixture with amine solution was investigated using an absorption/stripping columns in laboratory scale.
The aims of this study have been to investigate the occurrence of systematic differences in the exposure of SO2 in different Landuse of the Lahore metropolitan areas and to identify the final risk zones of the city.