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a silvery malleable metallic element that resists corrosion

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Service2Media's M2Active platform enables SNS REAAL to develop apps that are suitable for deploying to multiple mobile operating systems and devices.
Compared with teen SNS users, adults are somewhat more likely to stand back, not get involved, and ignore the offensive behaviour.
The SNS is tapping growing public discontent as Serbia struggles with rising prices, inflation and high unemployment.
SnS is committed to exploring eco-friendly design solutions, manufacturing efficiencies, and smart sustainable harvesting of global resources.
SNS proves once again that the supply chain solutions they provide are adaptable to different environment and operations,' said Mario Ghosn, General Manager at SNS.
Interoperability is also an issue for SNS, where the battle is between the Internet giants to gain control of, and tap into, users' personal information; this constitutes the very core of the dominant Web 2.
One potential benefit of using SNS is the impact of their active-learning features on low-income, minority and first-generation students.
Sensitivity estimates based on the fluxes in HFIR and SNS indicate that we can expect up to an order of magnitude improvement in each of these coefficients and in the case of b, the first measurement ever.
To assess the quality of oversight of these provisions, GAO determined (1) how 6 states--Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, and Massachusetts--conducted oversight of the MOE and SNS provisions and what factors affected their ability to do so; (2) what efforts were made by the U.
Tarzana-based SnS International has just come up with Cleanimals, a line of cuddly collectible bath toys for youngsters ages 3 and older that will hit stores early next month at a suggested price of $3.
MetLife selected the award-winning firms of SNS Architects & Engineers of Montvale, New Jersey for the interior redesign and Lawrence J.
deal enhances regulatory, inspection and monitoring capabilities in SNS Compliance Management platform
SNS Reaal announced the signing of an agreement for the sale of its Vivat Verzekeringen insurance arm to a unit of Anbang Insurance Group of China for 150 million (about $172 million).
Netherlands-based SNS Bank is to enhance its facilities with help from SunGard.