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a silvery malleable metallic element that resists corrosion

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In this sense, Yokoyama and Sekiguchi (2014) state that SNS have become a means of communication by which employees can directly connect to anyone, including those in high management positions.
SNS may increase humanization, since it becomes possible to know a little more about the connections' personal characteristics.
This is a major paradigm shift from the initial intent of SNS, and thus research is warranted on the effects of perceiver intent.
Films were heated in air for 15 min at 270[degrees]C to promote good adherence of the consecutively deposited SnS film.
SNS users often disclose information about non-users on their SNS profiles without the non-users' knowledge or consent.
After the transaction, SNS Reaal will create a standalone SNS Bank (SRSNS.
4% of them benefited from health information seen on SNS.
This research explores the impact of social networking sites on family interaction patterns interaction with strong and weak ties and the phenomenon of isolation among the youth due to SNS use.
In the present study, I examined the stressful situation of abusive supervision as an antecedent of SNS addiction in the context of the workplace.
A SNS A is contained in the other SNS F, denote A [subset or equal to] F, if and only if
Since personality traits have been associated with problematic social media use [13], similar findings may be evident for SNS use.
The SNS EVO is a complete, networked, high-performance shared storage workflow server.
Such sites might contain sensitive information and care needs to be taken when designing experiments or collecting SNS data.
SNS Bank expects the sale to result in a substantial loss compared to the book value of SNS Securities, as disclosed in its 2015 half year results.
SNS Bank's provisional senior unsecured MTN and subordinate MTN programme