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(genetics) genetic variation in a DNA sequence that occurs when a single nucleotide in a genome is altered

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Two joined, one returned"People are there with the soldiers who are attacked by the Nazis, and people are dying around them," Miev said, as quoted by TASR, hinting what the exhibition is about.Visitors can also enter a small room, in which they can listen to the stories of those who experienced the SNP.
But the atmosphere within the SNP group at Westminster, insiders say, is "total sh*t".
The SNP currently has two MEPs: Ian Hudghton, who has announced his retirement, and Alyn Smith who is seeking re-election.
SNP leader Tom Johnston said: "There you have it; proof that, in fact, the Tory tail does wag the Labour dog.
This was an incredible change from the previous set-up of 26 Labour, 13 Tories and Independents, and one SNP.
He was leader of the SNP from 1979 to 1990, before being succeeded by Alex Salmond.
"When the Tories wanted to cut tax credits - hitting low income households by around PS3000 a year - the SNP helped to stop them.
"We want to be in the driving seat of our own destiny," Sturgeon told 3,000 delegates at the SNP's spring conference.
The SNP government in Edinburgh sold Serco, which is its favourite private operator, the Northern Isles ferry services to Orkney and Shetland a few years ago.
"I'm not going to sacrifice the future of our country, the unity of our country, I'm not going to give in to SNP demands around Trident, around the deficit or anything like that.
The speech was the latest stage in Conservative attempts to highlight the possibility of the SNP working with Labour if the General Election on May 7 resulted in a hung Parliament, an issue which has dominated the election campaign this week.
Sir John was despatched by the Conservatives to deliver a speech warning that the SNP would subject Labour leader Ed Miliband to "a daily dose of political blackmail" if he became Prime Minister with their support.
The Labour leader used a speech in Scotland to warn that a vote for the SNP would make it more likely that the country would face another five years of Tory rule, and Opposition sources dismissed Mr Cameron's demand as "ludicrous".
Because of this relatively high frequency of occurrence, this is referred to as a polymorphism rather than a mutation and is known as a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP).
(1-3) Prevalence of four genotypes (SNP type 1-4) defined by three single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) of M.