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a globular glass with a small top

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More craft beer bars now offer choices such as the goblet or chalice, the tulip, snifter and stemmed glassware.
As Peggy Fox, marketing director for Canandaigua Wine Company's Paul Masson brand points out, "The traditional snifter is still around, but brandy today isn't stuck with the stiff imagery of the past."
Senegal Snifter Brandy, sugar cube, angostura and soda
Best presented in snifters, this barley wine pairs well with aged Cheddar and blue cheeses with dried figs and dates.
So while top producers showcase their finest marques and create distinguished blends with their aged reserves, an ocean of cognac and brandy is being swilled not in snifters, but in tumblers filled with fun, fizzy, fruity concoctions sometimes sipped through straws.
As an alternate finale to any brisk winter affair, offer brandy snifters with an ounce or two of cognac to savor: Hennessy, Hine, Courvoisier, Martell, Ferrand, Remy Martin, Prunier.
However aside from the occasional pina colada, the giant snifters stay reserved for the Scorpion.
a smooth, robust and complex sipping beer carefully hand-crafted in small batches using generous amounts of dark caramel and carapils malts, imported hops and gently-milled imported whole vanilla beans." The beer has 10% alcohol by volume, and is available in single 24-ounce bottles or can be purchased with two imported 13.5-ounce Ritzenhoff Crystal snifters. Both brands will be sold nationwide.
Then, make full use of the specialty glassware now available, such as curved tulip shapes, snifters and statuesque weissbier glasses.
The Allegany County school board is set to crush a decades-old promnight tradition of letting students choose beer mugs, wine glasses and brandy snifters as commemorative keepsakes.
"In the past we've always played up snifters but this year we're taking an approach that promotes versatility.