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a silvery malleable metallic element that resists corrosion

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13 in the SNED Chapel at 307 Sturbridge Road, Route 20.
E1-Said Atia Abul Naga, Les sources francaises du theatre egyptien (1870-1939) (Algiers: SNED, 1972).
Mizala and Romaguera (2005) report that the SNED is not an incentive for additional effort in schools that always score in the top 25% or those that have never scored in that range.
9) See Assia Djebbar, Poemes pour l'Algerie heureuse (Algiers: SNED, 1969).
To explore these issues, Mizala and Urquiola consider Chile's SNED program, which seeks to identify effective schools, selecting them from within "homogeneous groups" of arguably comparable institutions.