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a grey lustrous metallic element of the rare earth group

a master's degree in science

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He also noted that the lack of access to finance by SMEs is widespread in the Asian region with wider credit gap in the Philippines.
'This forum will also stimulate the SMEs on the approach and requirements for accessing grants and loans for the SMEs clusters,' he said.
Hinai added that as per the new regulations, contractors implementing projects in SEZD were required to advertise work opportunities for SMEs in daily newspapers.
The main task of the Agency is ensuring the succession of reforms, improvement of the business regulation system, and application of effective coordination, enhancing the role and competitiveness of SMEs in the country's economy, as well as the compliance of the management system in this area with modern requirements.
Ministry of Industry and Handicraft's Department of SMEs director Chhea Layhy said the government had been introducing policies and mechanisms to boost SMEs, such as tax incentives, procedure simplification and power transfer to sub-national levels.
Capacity enhancement of SMEs and innovation in business models along with support from banking sector for loan/funding required an immediate attention, so it is high time for the government to introduce the long-awaited SME policy.
He further said that the Ministry of Tourism was preparing a package of support programs for SMEs. With the efforts of the ministry and in partnership with the Public Authority for SMEs Development (Riyada), programmes are being introduced, which will improve and develop the skills of owners of the enterprises required for preparing feasibility studies, modern management of projects and marketing.
ICCI President said that SBP had launched a financing policy for SMEs in 2017 that aimed to increase private sector credit from current 8 percent to 17 percent and increase number of credit availing businesses from current less than 164000 to over half a million by 2020.
In a presentation, salient features of SBP's Policy for Promotion of SME Finance were explained.
SMEs represent 95 per cent of all the firms in the UAE's economy and account for 86 per cent of the total private sector workforce, he added.
"SMEs have suffered a severe blow, and as a result one business after another is shuttering," he said.
Among the governorates, Muscat topped the list with 34% SMEs
With an estimated cumulative value of QR6.5bn worth of job opportunities created for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in its previous edition, Qatar Development Bank's (QDB) 'Moushtarayat 2019' aims to provide SMEs with "greater accessibility" to government procurement by linking them with major buyers, a QDB official has said.
Developed and technologically advance SMEs sector is necessary for flourishing and emerging economy.