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Synonyms for sip

Synonyms for sip

to take into the mouth and swallow (a liquid)

an act of drinking or the amount swallowed

a small amount of liquor

Words related to sip

a small drink

drink in sips

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A dedicated T1 line costs about $1,100 a month, but SMDS is costing us roughly $400 a month.
The Medical Center of Delaware uses Digital Link SMDS DSUs, Wellfleet Access Feeder Nodes routers, and the TCP/ IP and IPX network protocols.
In areas without the service, you may have to lease a fixed circuit from your site to a closest POP (point of presence) of an SMDS network provider.
Equipment needed to make it work for you--Like frame relay, an SMDS connection requires two things.
The seamless connectivity of SMDS enables USF&G to roll out enterprise-wide applications in the metro area using enterprise servers at a central location.
With the ability to scale up to 35 Mb/s on each SMDS ring for a total of 70 Mb/s, USF&G should have plenty of bandwidth for the next several years.
Meridian now uses T1 SMDS as a wide area network backbone to link 11 locations, including its headquarters, data center, mortgage company head-quarters and several regional offices.
At the main data center, we have three SMDS lines; one for test, one for production and one for backup," says Wayock.
Blue Cross & Blue Shield has the bandwidth equivalent of 81 T1 lines between locations, with a total of nine SMDS access links.
Because SMDS will be a public network offering, the company is a member of the SMDS Users Forum along with 40 other firms.
SMDS and B-ISDN need fiber to the office to maximize their potential benefits and the RBOCs are well aware of this.
Glossary: DSL - digital subscriber line; IP - Internet protocol; SMDS - switched multimegabit data service.
Frame relay, TDM (Time Division Multiplexing), SMDS (Switched Multimegabit Data Services), Ethernet and ATM services are consolidated onto a single access platform.
PSINet operates an international state-of-the-art frame relay-based, IP-optimized network connecting to ISDN, ATM, SMDS, and wireless/satellite systems, serving over 33,000 corporations with over 400 points of presence extending to 10 countries.