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Synonyms for sip

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A dedicated T1 line costs about $1,100 a month, but SMDS is costing us roughly $400 a month.
In areas without the service, you may have to lease a fixed circuit from your site to a closest POP (point of presence) of an SMDS network provider.
The seamless connectivity of SMDS enables USF&G to roll out enterprise-wide applications in the metro area using enterprise servers at a central location.
Atlantic's Low Speed Access to SMDS service, we now get the same
Meridian now uses T1 SMDS as a wide area network backbone to link 11 locations, including its headquarters, data center, mortgage company head-quarters and several regional offices.
Blue Cross & Blue Shield has the bandwidth equivalent of 81 T1 lines between locations, with a total of nine SMDS access links.
Connectionless data service grew out of SMDS, and is the result of industry standardization within the SMDS Interest Group.
As part of that study, IBM will explore applications for Bellcore's SMDS.
SMDS is the first public access broadband service that extends the performance and efficiencies of local area networks (LANs), host systems and workstations over a wide area, while offering the economic benefits of a switched data service shared by many customers.
54 Mbps and 45 Mbps, respectively, and SMDS at both DS-1 and DS-3 rates.
This network will replace the customer's aging SMDS and frame relay network with a state-of-the-art SONET network to support the next generation of bandwidth-intensive enterprise applications.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- A significant step toward making SMDS the first "connectionless" ATM service was taken recently with the contribution by Bellcore of technical specifications for the carriage of SMDS traffic over ATM to the Technical Working Group of the SMDS Interest Group (SIG).
26 /PRNewswire/ -- Participation in its second nationwide demonstration of SMDS in a seven-day period and a display of the versatility of its network will highlight BellSouth Telecommunications' role in the 1993 Southeastern Telecommunications Association (SETA) trade show next week in Nashville.
From 1993 through 1997 he led the product management and marketing of Fast Packet and Private Line Data Services including frame relay, ATM/cell relay, SMDS, transparent LAN, IP routing service, ADSL, Hi-Cap, and SONET.
MCI Grad offers a complete spectrum of MCI data services including virtual switched, dedicated and fast packet technologies on MCI's HyperStream(sm) Frame Relay and HyperStream SMDS platform.