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Synonyms for transplantation

the act of removing something from one location and introducing it in another location

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Walsh (2003) argues that the communication of the Federal Reserve officials is consistent with a so-called speed-limit target (SLT) that takes the form of an output gap growth term in place of an output gap level.
Research suggests that a very substantial portion of the risk associated with smoking might be eliminated with SLT. Although the exact magnitude of reduction in risk gained from substituting use of SLT for cigarette smoking is not easily quantified and is the subject of disagreement, there appears to be a consensus among experts that SLT is considerably safer than cigarettes.
Kiththi Perera, Chief Executive Officer of SLT gave his comments saying, "With SLT's Vision 2022, we are geared and ready to lead the nation of Sri Lanka into a new digital era, that will totally transform lives for the better.
Now, this what makes the SLT homestay different from other resorts in Lake Sebu.
SLT players Imal Udayasanka and P.Priyadharshanawere awarded as Best Player and Best fielder of the series respectively.
Researchers estimate that SLT could save the NHS 1.5m [pounds sterling] per year in treatment costs for newly diagnosed patients, with potential to save the health service 250m [pounds sterling] per year if the treatment proves to be as effective in patients previously diagnosed with glaucoma.
SLT's standalone credit profile, assessed by Fitch at 'BB', is stronger than that of its owner, reflecting the company's market-leading position in fixed-line services and second-largest position in mobile, along with its ownership of an extensive optical-fibre network.
Many used SLT during this time, but it focused on qualification and preproduction validation.
Keyless entry and push button start are standard on SLT models along with adaptive cruise control.
While there has been an emerging consensus that adult recipients of SLT do just as well as recipients of WLT for several years, outcomes among children have been less clear, Mogul says.
Objectives: To evaluate the potential of selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) in two arms (360[degrees] vs.
KARACHI -- Sindh Minister for Education and Literacy Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar has said that those who were involved in fake appointments of teachers especially SLT, OT and non teaching staff, were facing hard time these days and will be taken to task soon.
The mean age of initiation of Smokeless tobacco (SLT) was 19.3 years.
[5] An array of smokeless tobacco (SLT) products is consumed by individuals of all ages worldwide.
Though association of smoking with HTN is well understood [6, 7], the relationship of smokeless tobacco (SLT) with HTN is still not very clear [8, 9].