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a caustic detergent useful for removing grease

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SLS allows fans to get closer to their favorite MLB teams by earning points inside and outside the ballpark that can be used to redeem game tickets and club merchandise as well as admission to once in a lifetime fan experiences.
SLS has agreed to file a registration statement covering resales of the common stock issuable upon conversion of the preferred stock and exercise of the warrants, and SLS is subject to penalties if the registration statement is not effective within 120 days, subject to certain exceptions.
The SLS Loudspeaker system has transformed the Celebrate Brooklyn Festival.
We are pleased that a leading theater owner has selected our speakers for such a high-profile theater complex," said John Gott, President of SLS International.
In addition to the Sinterstation HiQ SLS system upgrade, 3D Systems offers a High Speed (HS) upgrade: Sinterstation HiQ HS SLS system.
The Sinterstation HiQ SLS system features advanced user-friendly manufacturing-centric controls that deliver measurable benefits to new and advanced users.
Initially, SLS International was solely devoted to servicing the professional audio and touring industry, but has now begun a major expansion of its operations into the retail, home theater and commercial markets.
This is an ideal application for our LS8695 Line Source column speaker system," stated John Gott, President of SLS International.
Many Catholic Churches as well as other denominations are seeing the benefits of the LS8695 speaker system," stated John Gott, President of SLS International.
This is a tremendous association for SLS and will add a lot to our branding campaign that is just beginning," stated John Gott, President of SLS.
We use the SLS speaker systems for all of our sound production support," said Michael Bell, President of Bell Event Services.
SLS has moved aggressively into the market place and now operates in 27 states," said Mark Burke, CEO of Satellite Healthcare and board member of SLS.
Miami's club scene embraces the smooth sound of the SLS Technology.