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a caustic detergent useful for removing grease

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The public internet address policy, which makes it possible to track, register, and regularly scan the computers that are accessible from the internet, was also welcomed by the SLs. Their involvement in the development of these policies resulted in the changes being much more acceptable to, and accepted by, the wider university community.
To begin the process, a steel platform is positioned under a movable laser, and a roller passes over the platform, depositing a layer of powdered alloy as thin as 20 microns--almost 10 times thinner than an SLS machine can handle.
For those still concerned about product safety, there are many choices available without SLS and SLES.
The Class II PSD-based SLS 6000 laser triangulation sensor, with its long standoff distance and short resolute measurement, is said to be ideal for the rubber industry.
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), the second most popular RP technology, builds objects from abed of fine powder that is sintered by a traveling laser beam.
As described, the SLS 6000 has an extremely fast automatic light control for various surfaces, an internal processor for application software and analog and digital outputs.
(formerly Nova Automation), introduced the SLS model 125 for desktop manufacturing of objects up to 12 in.