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Synonyms for sip

Synonyms for sip

to take into the mouth and swallow (a liquid)

an act of drinking or the amount swallowed

a small amount of liquor

Words related to sip

a small drink

drink in sips

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Although Mr Tomlinson will not be standing, he will join the new candidate and SLP leader Arthur Scargill at a public meeting due to be held in the constituency on Wednesday, April 21, or Thursday, April 22.
Seiko Instruments SLPs, with integrated web cam software, are ideal for an unlimited number of security, temporary identification and inventory applications.
As we move even further toward accountability, standards and measurable outcomes the SLP is presented with major hurdles.
Criteria for selection by the SLP included a diagnosis of concurrent dementia and dysphagia, as well as a significant weight loss triggering an initial evaluation.
Hitachi has designed this low-cost chip with SLP technology specifically to make portable designs more practical, popular and profitable.
It may be difficult to see each student in class at a time when instruction that is conducive to intervention is taking place, or the SLP may not be available to attend grade level or discipline-based team meetings and thus might not participate in instructional planning and/or design of classroom modifications for caseload students.
The SLP 240 makes it easy to design custom labels by employing multiple fonts, graphics and barcodes, in addition to copying text from virtually any windows application and importing nearly all graphic formats.
When the film is viewed, the barium reveals the details of your swallow so the SLP can diagnose your problem exactly.
Early on, the SLP may work with those caring for the child, to develop plans for managing daily routines and for advancing skills.
SLP refused to say where the job losses would come from or how many would go until it had discussed the terms with the unions.
Cap Gemini Group, the French IT services firm is partnering with Paris-based SLP Infoware to provide telcos with software and consultancy work to reduce customer churn.
As part of its platform, the company will also debut an innovative employee benefit called a Student Loan Paydown Plan, or SLP Plan(TM), where businesses now have the opportunity to help pay down employees' student loan debt, and drastically shrink the $1.
I want an MP who will work hard on my behalf; be able to respond quickly and effectively to local and national issues and be availablewhen I need to contact or meet with them and, if Ricky''swork commitments are preventing the SLP organising a selection meeting, all I can say is Ricky Tomlinson MP?
The actor attended an SLP gathering at a city centre hotel, after which party leader Arthur Scargill made a statement which provided more questions than answers.