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She has seen that the tears are not dry on These cheeks, where the worm never dies, And has come past the stars of the Lion, To point us the path to the skies -- To the Lethean peace of the skies -- Come up, in despite of the Lion, To shine on us with her bright eyes -- Come up, through the lair of the Lion, With love in her luminous eyes."
Robinson's red plaid shawl, and Deacon Milliken's wig, on crooked, the bare benches and torn hymn-books, the hanging texts and maps, were no longer visible, and she saw blue skies and burning stars, white turbans and gay colors; Mr.
They sent their respects by me." The "respects" might have been the freedom of the city, or an equestrian statue, when presented in this way, and the aunts would have shuddered could they have foreseen the manner of delivery; but it was vastly impressive to the audience, who concluded that Mirandy Sawyer must be making her way uncommonly fast to mansions in the skies, else what meant this abrupt change of heart?
over there to-day are blue skies and yellow stars and burning suns .
The little children of whom we have heard, those born under Syrian skies, have strange and interesting work to do for Thee, and some of us would like to travel in far lands and do wonderful brave things for the heathen and gently take away their idols of wood and stone.
When thoughts of Kate Swift came into his head, he smiled and raised his eyes to the skies. "Intercede for me, Master," he muttered, "keep me in the narrow path intent on Thy work."
Lift my eyes again to the skies. Stay with me, Thy servant, in his hour of need."
He looked up to the skies, over the housetops, faintly blue, growing clearer every moment.
It suffices to point out that under public international law, the Open Skies agreement is essentially a treaty and is, therefore, governed by the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.
The final blow to PIA came out of the blue when we introduced 'open skies'.
Abundantly sunny and relatively hot skies are expected to prevail on Saturday in mountainous areas and very hot skies in the Jordan Valley with no significant change in temperatures.
BEIRUT: Many people living in Lebanon flocked to the mountains Friday to catch a glimpse of the famed annual Perseid meteor shower, where as many as 200 meteors per hour can fill the skies. While meteors have been visible all week, Thursday and Friday were believed to be the peak of the annual celestial spectacular.
A Brookings study revealed the significant economic benefits of Open Skies, including for airline passengers, who save $4 billion a year on US-international routes.
"We have taken the stand openly around our support for open skies and importance of open skies...